Topics Discussed: Dynamics of Youtube, Art of the interview, The power of disagreeability, Volatile interviews, losing track, Adulation and changing focus, Tony Blair and the Iraq war, Queen Elizabeth, Mesopotamia, When you become your persona, Pinocchio, Elvis, and hedonism, The danger of sycophants, Subjective identity, punching down, Simon Cowell and AGT, Terry Fator, Susan Boyle; truly authentic, The value of actual judgment, President Donald Trump.

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Piers Morgan

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Piers Morgan discuss the art of interviewing, the importance of living truthfully, the pitfalls of sycophancy, and go into depth regarding the 2016 election, and the aftermath of Donald Trump.

Books Mentioned in this Podcast with Piers Morgan:

Piers Morgan: On Leadership, Empathy, and Media

Lex Fridman engages in an insightful dialogue with Piers Morgan, a television personality known for his candid and often controversial takes. They navigate a myriad of topics, ranging from political leadership styles to the role of empathy and the evolving media landscape.

Donald Trump: Leadership and Empathy

Morgan offers a candid assessment of Donald Trump's leadership, highlighting the former President's strengths and weaknesses. The conversation underscores Trump's often-perceived lack of empathy, contrasting it with Joe Biden's more compassionate approach. Morgan questions whether Trump possesses the 'empathy valve' essential for effective leadership.

Media Landscape: Changing Dynamics

The duo delves into the shifting sands of the media industry, reflecting on its evolution and the challenges it faces. With the rise of platforms like Shopify and the influence of social media, Morgan and Fridman discuss the implications for journalism, public discourse, and the responsibility of media outlets in today's world.

The Role of Disagreement and Critique

Morgan, known for his disagreeable style, reflects on the power of critique and the importance of honest discourse. They explore the fine line between being a critic and descending into constant negativity, emphasizing the need for balance and constructive feedback in the public domain.