The Apprentice Piers Morgan: a phrase that takes us back to the time when the prominent British journalist and television personality, Piers Morgan, participated in the popular reality show The Apprentice. Although he is more commonly known for his work in the media industry, Morgan’s appearance on the show remains a significant chapter in his life. This article will explore the details of Morgan’s journey on The Apprentice, discuss its impact on his career, and assess his influence on the show’s legacy.

the apprentice piers morgan

Piers Morgan's Background

Before delving into The Apprentice Piers Morgan saga, let’s first explore Morgan’s background to understand how he found himself on the reality show. Piers Morgan, born Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan, began his career as a journalist working for various newspapers such as The Sun, News of the World, and Daily Mirror. He later transitioned to television and became a popular media personality, hosting shows like Piers Morgan Live and Good Morning Britain.

The Apprentice: A Brief Overview

The Apprentice is a reality television show created by British producer Mark Burnett, featuring entrepreneur and former US President Donald Trump. The show first aired in 2004 and has since produced several spin-offs and international versions. The show’s concept revolves around contestants competing in a series of business-related tasks to win a lucrative job offer or business investment from the show’s host.

Piers Morgan on The Celebrity Apprentice

In 2008, Piers Morgan took part in the first season of The Celebrity Apprentice, a spin-off from the original show. In this version, celebrity contestants compete for their chosen charity instead of seeking a job or investment. Morgan joined a diverse cast of celebrities, including actor Stephen Baldwin, singer Trace Adkins, and former model Carol Alt, among others.

Morgan's Journey on The Celebrity Apprentice

The Apprentice Piers Morgan storyline is filled with ups and downs, showcasing his competitive nature and tenacity. Throughout the season, Morgan was involved in several memorable moments, such as his ongoing feud with television personality Omarosa Manigault-Newman. The two frequently clashed over their different approaches to tasks, with Morgan accusing Manigault-Newman of being unprofessional.

Despite the conflicts, Morgan demonstrated his business acumen and emerged as a strong contender. He showcased his ability to lead a team, strategize, and negotiate deals, which helped him win several tasks. Morgan’s performance caught the attention of viewers and the show’s host, who praised his work ethic and determination.

The Apprentice Piers Morgan: The Finale

In the season finale, Morgan faced off against country music star Trace Adkins. The final task required the contestants to produce a charity event featuring a live auction and a performance by the Backstreet Boys. Morgan’s team managed to raise more money for his chosen charity, the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, securing him the title of the first-ever winner of The Celebrity Apprentice.

The Impact on Piers Morgan's Career

Winning The Celebrity Apprentice significantly impacted Piers Morgan’s career, raising his profile in the United States. Following his victory, he was offered numerous opportunities in American media, including hosting his own talk show, Piers Morgan Live, on CNN. The show ran from 2011 to 2014 and featured interviews with various high-profile guests.

Morgan’s appearance on The Celebrity Apprentice also helped solidify his reputation as a tough and opinionated media personality. He continued to work on various television shows, including Good Morning Britain, where he gained notoriety for his confrontational interview style.

Piers Morgan's Influence on The Apprentice Legacy

The Apprentice Piers Morgan narrative goes beyond his personal journey on the show. His participation and eventual win impacted the show’s legacy in several ways. Morgan’s competitive spirit, determination, and intelligence set a high benchmark for future contestants of The Celebrity Apprentice. His success on the show demonstrated the importance of strategic thinking, leadership, and the ability to adapt in the high-pressure environment of reality television.

Moreover, Morgan’s appearance on The Celebrity Apprentice highlighted the show’s potential to catapult contestants into greater success within their careers. This increased the allure of the show, attracting more high-profile celebrities to participate in subsequent seasons. As a result, the show continued to grow in popularity and maintain its status as a must-watch reality TV show.

Controversies Surrounding Piers Morgan

Despite his accomplishments, Piers Morgan remains a polarizing figure in the media. His confrontational interview style, strong opinions, and willingness to challenge authority have led to various controversies throughout his career. Morgan’s time on The Apprentice was no exception, as his clashes with Omarosa Manigault-Newman became headline news. Morgan’s ability to generate buzz and provoke discussion, both during and after his appearance on The Apprentice, further solidified his position as a prominent media personality.


The Apprentice Piers Morgan story is a fascinating look at the British journalist’s journey on the popular reality show. His participation not only impacted his career but also left a lasting impression on the show’s legacy. Morgan’s time on The Apprentice showcased his business acumen, leadership, and determination – qualities that have continued to define his career in the media industry.

As a prominent media figure, Piers Morgan’s influence extends far beyond The Apprentice. His career, marked by both successes and controversies, serves as a testament to the power of reality television in shaping public opinion and launching careers. The Apprentice Piers Morgan story is a reminder that even amid the drama and entertainment of reality TV, there are genuine opportunities for growth, self-discovery, and success.