Chelsea Handler, an American comedian, actress, writer, and television host, is well-known for her wit and humor. Piers Morgan, a British television presenter and journalist, is recognized for his controversial and confrontational interview style. The clash between these two entertainment titans on Piers Morgan’s show, “Piers Morgan Live,” in 2014, left viewers with an unforgettable experience. This article delves into the details of the Chelsea Handler on Piers Morgan interview, the aftermath, and the impact it had on both their careers.

chelsea handler on piers morgan

A Tense Interview

The tension between Chelsea Handler and Piers Morgan during the interview on “Piers Morgan Live” was palpable from the beginning. Handler was there to promote her latest book, “Uganda Be Kidding Me,” while Morgan seemed disinterested and distracted. The interview started off with Handler playfully mocking Morgan’s British accent, but things quickly escalated when she criticized him for not paying attention.

Chelsea Handler's Frustration

Handler became increasingly frustrated with Morgan’s behavior, and it was evident to the audience that she was not going to let his rudeness slide. When Morgan tweeted during a commercial break, Handler called him out, stating, “I mean, in the middle of a commercial break – I want your viewers to know; they must know because they’re probably following you on Twitter. I mean, you can’t even pay attention for 60 seconds. You’re a terrible interviewer.”

Piers Morgan's Retort

Morgan, known for his confrontational style, was not going to take the criticism lightly. He retorted by saying, “Well, you just weren’t keeping my attention.” Handler, however, refused to back down and continued to criticize him, “That’s not my problem, this is your show. You have to pay attention to the guests that you invited on your show.”

The Aftermath

The interview became an instant sensation, with social media buzzing with reactions from viewers. Many applauded Handler for standing up to Morgan and calling him out for his unprofessional behavior. Others criticized her for being rude and confrontational. While the interview might have ended on a tense note, it certainly garnered a lot of attention for both Handler and Morgan.

Impact on Chelsea Handler's Career

The interview proved to be a turning point for Chelsea Handler’s career, as it showcased her strong personality and her ability to stand her ground in a difficult situation. The confrontation with Piers Morgan gained her more fans and increased her visibility in the entertainment industry. Handler continued to find success in her career, with her Netflix talk show, “Chelsea,” and her podcast, “Life Will Be the Death of Me.”

Impact on Piers Morgan's Career

The Chelsea Handler on Piers Morgan interview further cemented Morgan’s reputation as a controversial figure in the world of television. Despite the backlash he received, Morgan’s confrontational style continued to attract viewers, and he remained a popular figure in media. After the cancellation of “Piers Morgan Live” in 2014, Morgan went on to co-host “Good Morning Britain” and later launched his own show, “Piers Morgan’s Life Stories.”

Lessons Learned

The Chelsea Handler on Piers Morgan confrontation serves as a reminder that interviews are not always smooth sailing, and a clash between strong personalities can create memorable television moments. For interviewers, it’s important to pay attention and engage with guests to foster a productive and enjoyableconversation. For interviewees, standing up for oneself and asserting one’s opinions can be crucial in showcasing strength and confidence.

The Importance of Professionalism in Entertainment

The Chelsea Handler on Piers Morgan interview is also a case study in the importance of professionalism in the entertainment industry. Both Handler and Morgan, in their own ways, demonstrated a lack of professionalism during the interview. For Morgan, his disinterest and lack of engagement with his guest came across as disrespectful. Handler’s blunt criticism, while justified, could have been handled more diplomatically.

Professionalism is essential to maintain credibility and respect in the entertainment industry. Media personalities should strive to treat their guests with respect and create an environment where both parties feel comfortable engaging in conversation.

The Power of Social Media in Entertainment

The Chelsea Handler on Piers Morgan confrontation highlights the power of social media in shaping the narrative surrounding events in the entertainment industry. The interview quickly went viral, with viewers sharing their thoughts on Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms. Social media played a significant role in shaping the public’s perception of the interview and the people involved.

The rapid spread of information through social media platforms can have both positive and negative consequences. In this case, the confrontation helped boost the careers of both Handler and Morgan by increasing their visibility and sparking debate among viewers. However, it also exposed them to public scrutiny and criticism.


The Chelsea Handler on Piers Morgan interview remains an iconic moment in television history, showcasing a clash of personalities and a lesson in the importance of professionalism in the entertainment industry. The confrontation had a lasting impact on the careers of both media personalities, with Handler gaining more fans and Morgan solidifying his reputation as a controversial figure.

In today’s fast-paced media landscape, it’s crucial for public figures to maintain professionalism and engage with guests and audiences in a respectful manner. Additionally, the power of social media should not be underestimated, as it can quickly shape public opinion and influence the trajectory of careers in the entertainment industry.

With the Chelsea Handler on Piers Morgan confrontation serving as a fascinating case study, aspiring media personalities and entertainers can learn valuable lessons in navigating the often unpredictable world of television and entertainment.