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Kim Congdon & Sara Weinshenk

Kim Congdon is a multifaceted talent based in Los Angeles, known for her work as a comedian, TV writer, and producer. She has made appearances on Comedy Central, MTV, and the Joe Rogan Experience. Congdon's writing skills were showcased on TruTV's "Impractical Jokers," and she also has a comedy special on HBO Max. Outside of her stage performances and roasting sessions, Congdon co-hosts the podcast "This Bitch," available across various platforms. Sara Weinshenk, born on April 19, 1987, is a US-based comedian, writer, and actress, recognized for her stand-up performances and roles in movies and TV series. After completing higher studies and working in different jobs, including at Bloomingdale’s Studio Services, Weinshenk pursued acting and comedy. Her career in acting began with freelance roles, including her debut in the short film "American Breakdown" in 2011 and a TV appearance in "Canvassing!" the same year. She also wrote and produced the TV series "Stoned Science" alongside Kim Congdon in 2018 and another series named "Shenk" in 2019. Weinshenk performs stand-up comedy across the US, often with Congdon, and hosts the podcast "Shenk," featuring various comedy personalities. Additionally, she co-hosts the podcast "This B*tch with Kim" with Congdon, which includes guest comedians.

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The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #2071 with Joe Rogan, Kim Congdon & Sara Weinshenk: A Deep Dive into Marine Life Mysteries

Introduction to Oceanic Wonders

In the Joe Rogan Experience episode #2071, Joe Rogan, alongside comedians Kim Congdon and Sara Weinshenk, delves into the fascinating and somewhat alien world of marine life. Their conversation opens with a discussion about jellyfish and their surprising ability to learn despite lacking a brain. This leads to a broader contemplation of the vibrational universe theory and how creatures like jellyfish might navigate and interact with their environment based on vibes and energy flows.

Jellyfish: Brainless Yet Sentient?

The trio examines the intriguing nature of jellyfish, particularly focusing on their ability to adapt and respond to their surroundings. They discuss the jellyfish’s jelly-like nature, enabling them to harmonize with the ocean’s energy currents. The conversation touches on the idea of sentient beings without brains, using the box jellyfish as an example. This deadly creature, despite its lack of a traditional brain, demonstrates awareness of its environment, hinting at a different form of consciousness.

The Deadly Beauty of the Blue-Ringed Octopus

The discussion shifts to the blue-ringed octopus, a small yet deadly marine animal found in Australian waters. Rogan and his guests marvel at the octopus’s beauty and its potent venom, which is 1,200 times more toxic than cyanide. They emphasize the lethal nature of this creature, capable of killing 26 adults with a single bite and lacking any known antidote. This segment of the conversation highlights the respect and caution needed when interacting with such beautiful but dangerous oceanic creatures.

Octopi: The Ocean’s Intellectuals

Rogan and his guests explore the intelligence of octopi, noting their problem-solving skills and adaptability. They share anecdotes about octopi escaping from their tanks, demonstrating a level of intelligence and understanding of their environment that rivals that of young children. The discussion delves into the fascinating abilities of these creatures, including their capacity to memorize and manipulate objects, and their incredible physical flexibility.

The Myth of the Kraken: A Glimpse into Maritime Lore

The conversation takes a turn into the realm of mythology with the legend of the Kraken, an enormous octopus-like creature feared by sailors. The group discusses historical accounts and artistic depictions of this mythical beast, suggesting that it might have been based on real encounters with giant cephalopods. They touch on the discovery of fossilized suction cup imprints, fueling speculation about the existence of massive octopi in the past.

Conclusion: The Ocean’s Mysteries and Marvels

In conclusion, episode #2071 of The Joe Rogan Experience offers an enthralling journey into the mysterious and alien-like aspects of marine life. From the brainless but sentient jellyfish to the intellectually advanced and potentially dangerous octopi, Rogan, Congdon, and Weinshenk highlight the awe-inspiring and sometimes intimidating aspects of oceanic creatures. The episode serves as a reminder of the vast and largely unexplored wonders that lie beneath the ocean’s surface.

Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #2071 – An Unconventional Verification Story


The Joe Rogan Experience #2071 featured a unique discussion with Joe Rogan, Kim Congdon, and Sara Weinshenk. This episode centered around an unconventional story about how Kim Congdon got verified on Instagram, a tale intertwined with humor, shock, and unexpected twists.

The Beginning: A Standout Performance

The story begins with Kim Congdon reflecting on a sold-out show where she opened for Joey Diaz at Sony Hall on Broadway. Congdon describes having one of the best performances of her life, receiving a standing ovation. The incident that led to her Instagram verification occurred right after this high point.

The Unusual Incident

As Congdon was collecting her camera from the back of the venue, she experienced an unexpected and inappropriate encounter. A man, pretending to be blind, inappropriately touched her. This incident took a strange turn when Congdon, initially shocked and confused, realized the man’s deception.

The Aftermath and Realization

Confiding in Sara Weinshenk, Congdon processed what had happened. Initially, she doubted the intent behind the action, considering the man’s apparent drunken state. However, it became clear that the act was intentional when the man boasted about it while being escorted out. This revelation fueled Congdon’s anger and led to a confrontation outside the venue.

The Confrontation and Resolution

Outside, Congdon found the man and confronted him. The situation was intense, with Congdon taking matters into her own hands, reflecting a strong stance against such inappropriate behavior. This encounter, while unsettling, led to an unexpected outcome.

A Bizarre Path to Instagram Verification

The incident gained media attention, resulting in a Variety article about the event. It was this article that Congdon used to finally get verified on Instagram, marking an unconventional path to achieving this social media milestone.

Conclusion: A Mix of Emotions

The episode concludes with a mix of emotions – humor, disbelief, and a touch of irony. Congdon and Weinshenk reflect on the absurdity of the situation, recognizing the strange journey that led to Instagram verification. This story, while bizarre, highlights the unpredictable nature of events that can lead to unexpected outcomes, even in the world of social media.