The Joe Rogan Experience #1983 – Kim Congdon & Sara Weinshenk

Kim Congdon

Kim Congdon, a dynamic American comedian and writer, is celebrated for her witty humor and engaging storytelling. Rising to fame as a regular on Comedy Central's "Roast Battle," she captivates audiences with her unapologetic and razor-sharp wit. A talented podcast host, Kim co-hosts "Broad Topix," where she effortlessly navigates the realms of comedy, pop culture, and current events.

Sara Weinshenk

Sara Weinshenk, a magnetic American stand-up comedian and writer, is renowned for her unique comedic voice and captivating stage presence. Best known for her appearances on Comedy Central's "Roast Battle," she continues to leave audiences in stitches with her relatable and quirky humor. Sara also hosts the engaging podcast "Shenk," where she delves into comedy, culture, and lifestyle topics.

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