The Joe Rogan Experience #1975 – Dan Flores & Joe Rogan

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Dan Flores

Dan Flores, a renowned wildlife historian and bestselling author, has captivated audiences worldwide with his insightful exploration of America's natural landscapes and ecosystems. Passionate about preserving our environment, Flores is recognized for his expertise in ecology, wildlife, and environmental history. Discover Dan's unique storytelling and profound research in his critically acclaimed books, including "Coyote America" and "American Serengeti." Connect with Dan on social media to stay updated on his latest projects, events, and thought-provoking articles. Experience the remarkable journey of Dan Flores as he uncovers the mysteries and beauty of our planet's wildlife and habitats.

Books Mentioned in JRE #1975 - Dan Flores & Joe Rogan

Book Title: Wild New World

Author: Dan Flores

Book Title: Coyote America

Author: Dan Flores

Book Title: The Wolves of North America

Author: Edward A Young, Stanley, P. and Goldman

The Enigma of America's Past with Dan Flores

In a captivating episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, historian Dan Flores takes listeners on a profound journey into the rich tapestry of North America’s history. With tales of unexpected discoveries and deep dives into the lives of ancient peoples, Flores offers a glimpse into the mysteries that shaped the continent.

The Folsom Story: A Flash Flood and a Discovery

1908, a year that would be etched in the annals of North American history, not for a major political event or technological advancement, but for a flash flood on the dry Cimarron River. In the aftermath, Charles McJunkin, an African-American cowboy familiar with the vast expanses of the plains, stumbles upon something extraordinary. While surveying the damage, his horse narrowly avoids a freshly cut 30-foot chasm. Peering inside, McJunkin’s eyes fall upon bones—gigantic and unlike any he had ever seen, even during his buffalo hunting days in the 1870s.

Deciphering the Past: The Clovis People

While the excerpt only teases the beginning of this intriguing tale, one can infer that these bones could be linked to the Clovis people, often referred to as the “Original North Americans.” Their existence, lifestyle, and eventual disappearance have been subjects of much debate and research. With Dan Flores at the helm, listeners are treated to expert insights, deciphering clues and piecing together a narrative that spans thousands of years.


The conversation between Joe Rogan and Dan Flores is a testament to the allure of history. Whether it’s a cowboy’s chance discovery or the lives of ancient civilizations, understanding our past is crucial to navigating our future. Through tales of mystery, exploration, and expert analysis, audiences are reminded of the rich heritage that lies beneath their feet and the importance of preserving these stories for generations to come.