Steven Rinella

Steven Rinella

Steven Rinella is an American outdoorsman, conservationist, writer, and television personality known for translating the hunting and fishing lifestyle to a wide variety of audiences.

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Joe Rogan & Steven Rinella - The Intricacies of Reintroducing Jaguars

On an enlightening episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan and wildlife expert Steven Rinella delved deep into the historical and contemporary debates surrounding jaguars in North America. Their conversation traversed the terrain of history, ecology, and the broader implications of reintroducing apex predators into regions they once roamed.

Historical Presence of Jaguars in North America

The jaguar, with its majestic gait and powerful presence, was not always a stranger to the landscapes of the United States. Historical accounts suggest that these big cats were residents up until the 1800s. However, the true extent of their presence remains a topic of debate. While some argue that jaguars were primarily confined to areas like Southern Arizona, others believe their territory extended to regions like West Texas, New Mexico, and even further. Historical references, like those from the Coronado Expedition, even hint at distinctions between lions and jaguars in areas as north as the Platte River.

The Modern-Day Debate: To Reintroduce or Not?

The past’s echoes reverberate in today’s discussions about whether or not to reintroduce jaguars into North America. While the allure of restoring natural balances and reviving historical ecosystems is strong, the debate is layered with complexities. How would jaguars adapt to contemporary landscapes? What would be the implications for local communities and other wildlife? These questions, along with a myriad of ecological, societal, and ethical concerns, form the crux of this ongoing debate.


As humanity grapples with its relationship with nature, decisions about reintroducing species like the jaguar become emblematic of larger dilemmas. The dialogue between Joe Rogan and Steven Rinella underscores the importance of understanding our past, assessing our present, and envisioning a future where nature and human aspirations harmoniously coexist.