Brian Redban

Brian Redban

Brian Redban is a nationally touring comedian, Redban performs at comedy clubs across the US. He appears weekly on the Kill Tony podcast, The Ice House Chronicles and is notably known for his role as producer and co-host of The Joe Rogan Experience broadcasting to more than 1 million loyal fans each week.

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Joe Rogan & Brian Redban - Navigating Controversies and Modern Phenomena

In an engaging episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan and Brian Redban traverse the landscape of recent controversies and digital trends. From the enigmatic mysteries surrounding JFK’s assassination to the ever-evolving world of NFTs, their conversation offers a unique blend of past and present insights.

The Enigma of JFK's Assassination: New Revelations from the Archives

Recent releases from The National Archives have reignited discussions about the JFK assassination. One particularly intriguing theory suggests that Lee Harvey Oswald might have been a Russian asset. Was he influenced by Russia to make an assassination attempt? Rogan and Redban delve into these newly surfaced documents, adding another layer to the already intricate web of theories surrounding JFK’s assassination. As they navigate the revelations, the conversation underscores the lasting impact and intrigue of historical events.

Trump's Entry into the NFT Space: Loyalty and Digital Evolution

Switching gears from past to present, the duo dives into the burgeoning world of NFTs, specifically Donald Trump’s foray into this digital domain. Trump’s NFT collection, with its audacious marketing and portrayal, has garnered significant attention. Beyond the digital tokens themselves, Rogan and Redban discuss the unwavering loyalty of Trump’s followers, likening it to sports team allegiance. In the age of digital evolution, such trends highlight the convergence of technology, culture, and politics.


The dialogue between Joe Rogan and Brian Redban serves as a testament to the intricate tapestry of modern discourse, where historical events intertwine with current digital phenomena. As we continue to navigate this ever-evolving narrative, conversations like these offer both clarity and perspective, urging us to remain informed and engaged.