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Joey Diaz, born Jose Antonio Diaz on February 19, 1963, is a Cuban-American stand-up comedian, actor, and podcast host. Bursting with raw, unfiltered energy, Diaz's comedy is best known for its brutally honest stories and unapologetic humor. Originally from Havana, Cuba, Diaz immigrated to the United States at a young age, experiencing a tumultuous childhood in North Bergen, New Jersey. His early struggles fueled his comedic genius, enabling him to connect with diverse audiences worldwide. Diaz rose to fame through appearances on popular TV shows, movies, and comedy specials, eventually launching his own successful podcast, "The Church of What's Happening Now." Today, Joey Diaz remains a sought-after performer and storyteller, captivating fans with his inimitable comedic style and unique perspective on life.

Books Mentioned on The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #1973 - Joey Diaz & Joe Rogan

Book Title: Tremendous – The Life of a Comedy Savage

Author: Joey “CoCo” Diaz

JRE #1973: Joey Diaz on Quitting Xanax

The Joe Rogan Experience episode #1973 features a candid conversation between Joe Rogan and Joey Diaz. This particular episode delves into Diaz’s personal struggles and journey towards quitting Xanax, providing an intimate look into the challenges he faced.

Joey Diaz's Battle with Xanax

Joey Diaz opens up about his experience with Xanax, starting from its prescription in 2012. He describes accumulating a large quantity of the drug due to automatic monthly prescriptions. Diaz’s struggle with anxiety, particularly a notable incident at The Comedy Store, marks the beginning of his reliance on Xanax.

The Impact of Xanax on Diaz's Life

Diaz candidly discusses the impact of Xanax on his life, including the paradox of using it to counteract the anxiety induced by his high THC consumption. He reflects on how the drug, initially a solution, gradually became a critical issue, especially during the pandemic when his usage intensified.

Realization and Recovery

A significant turning point for Diaz was his move to New Jersey and a subsequent health scare that he initially mistook for a heart attack. This incident led to the realization that he was experiencing withdrawal symptoms from Xanax. A medical professional helped him understand the dangers of abrupt cessation and the importance of gradual withdrawal.

The Road to Recovery

Diaz shares his six-month journey of tapering off Xanax, describing it as a challenging and introspective period. He highlights the importance of understanding the psychological and physical implications of such a dependency and the need for a controlled, gradual process to overcome it.

Reflections and Insights

Throughout the conversation, Diaz offers insights into his thought processes and the coping mechanisms he developed over the years. He connects his experiences with broader themes of addiction, tolerance, and the complexity of dealing with prescribed medications.


The episode #1973 of The Joe Rogan Experience with Joey Diaz serves as a powerful narrative on the struggles of addiction and the path to recovery. It underscores the importance of awareness, support, and the right medical guidance in overcoming dependence on medications like Xanax.

JRE 1973: Joe Rogan and Joey Diaz Discuss CIA's Secret Experiments

In episode #1973 of The Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan is joined by Joey Diaz for a deep dive into the intriguing and often disturbing world of CIA’s secret experiments. This episode stands out as a remarkable exploration of historical conspiracies and clandestine operations.

Delving into Historical Conspiracies

The conversation kicks off with discussions about various interpretations of history, particularly focusing on the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Rogan and Diaz explore the plausibility of the lone assassin theory and delve into theories suggesting CIA involvement.

The Role of MKUltra and Jolly West

A key part of the episode revolves around MKUltra, the CIA’s infamous mind control program. Diaz brings up Jolly West, a notable figure associated with MKUltra, highlighting his involvement in dosing Charles Manson. They discuss Operation Midnight Climax and other shocking CIA operations that involved unsuspecting citizens.

The Assassination of JFK: A CIA Plot?

Rogan and Diaz speculate on the possibility of CIA involvement in the JFK assassination. They discuss the curious case of Jack Ruby, the man who shot Lee Harvey Oswald, and his subsequent mental breakdown, suggesting it could be related to CIA’s mind control tactics.

The Cold War Context

The duo also reflects on the broader context of the Cold War era, questioning the lack of investigation into Lee Harvey Oswald’s connections to Russia. They ponder the likelihood of Oswald being a patsy, set up to take the fall for a larger conspiracy.

Connecting Historical Dots

Throughout the episode, Rogan and Diaz connect various historical events and figures, weaving a narrative that suggests deep CIA involvement in several key moments of American history. They touch upon the ties between organized crime, political figures, and clandestine CIA operations.


In JRE 1973, Joe Rogan and Joey Diaz offer a compelling discussion that challenges conventional historical narratives. Their conversation provides a fascinating glimpse into the shadowy world of CIA secret experiments, leaving listeners with more questions than answers about the true extent of government conspiracies.