The Joe Rogan Experience #1951 – Joe Rogan & Coffeezilla

Joe Rogan Coffeezilla


Stephen Findeisen, better known by his online alias Coffeezilla, is an American YouTuber and crypto journalist who is known primarily for his channel in which he investigates and discusses alleged online scams, usually surrounding cryptocurrency, decentralized finance and internet celebrities. Before Coffeezilla, Findeisen was active on YouTube with the channel Coffee Break between 2017 and 2020. Findeisen holds a degree in chemical engineering from Texas A&M University.

Books Mentioned on The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #1951 - Joe Rogan & Coffeezilla:

Book Title: Brave New World

Author: Aldous Huxley

Joe Rogan Dives Deep with Coffeezilla on High-Profile Scams

When investigative YouTuber Coffeezilla joins Joe Rogan, listeners are in for a roller coaster ride through the intricate web of high-profile scams. From the allure of celebrity endorsements to the deceptive charm of too-good-to-be-true opportunities, the conversation serves as a stark reminder of the pitfalls in the digital age.

The Allure of Celebrity Endorsements: The FTX Scam Unveiled

At the heart of the FTX scam lay a potent mix of celebrity glamour and the promise of lucrative returns. As Coffeezilla unravels the intricacies of the scam, it becomes evident how influential figures can unintentionally amplify the reach of dubious schemes. Drawing parallels with infamous frauds like Bernie Madoff’s, Coffeezilla sheds light on the overpowering force of social proof. When faced with overwhelming endorsements, even the most discerning individuals can find their skepticism waning.

Logan Paul's Cryptozoo Saga: Unmasking Influencer Greed

Turning the spotlight on another high-profile debacle, Coffeezilla dives into Logan Paul’s NFT venture, Cryptozoo. Touted as an innovative blockchain game, the project raked in millions but fell woefully short of its promises. As buyers eagerly awaited a revolutionary product, they were met with silence and abandonment. This tale, as recounted by Coffeezilla, paints a cautionary tale about the dangers of unchecked influencer power and the need for transparency in the digital realm.


Navigating the complex landscape of online ventures and investments requires more than just astute financial acumen. As Joe Rogan and Coffeezilla’s conversation underscores, it demands a keen awareness of the influencers and endorsers that shape public perception. In a world where celebrity endorsements can cast long shadows, discernment and skepticism remain invaluable tools.