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Cameron Hanes

Cameron Hanes is a renowned bowhunter, athlete, and inspirational figure in the world of outdoor sports. With a deep-rooted passion for archery and hunting, he has become an iconic figure in the hunting community. Born in Oregon, Cameron's journey began at a young age when he fell in love with the wilderness. He has pushed his physical and mental limits, becoming an ultra-endurance athlete and completing numerous marathons and ultramarathons. Cameron Hanes is widely recognized for his dedication to bowhunting, often pursuing elusive big game in challenging environments. He has used his platform to promote conservation, ethical hunting practices, and inspire others to connect with nature. As a speaker, author, and social media influencer, Cameron shares his experiences, values, and love for the outdoors with a global audience. His commitment to fitness, hunting, and the wilderness has made him an inspirational figure for outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #1074 with Cameron Hanes: A Dive into Dedication, Endurance, and Hunting

In episode #1074 of The Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan sits down with Cameron Hanes, a renowned bow hunter, ultra-marathon endurance athlete, and an embodiment of high discipline and resilience. The conversation explores diverse terrains, from the intricacies of endurance sports to the depths of hunting ethics, mirroring Hanes’s multifaceted persona.

Endurance: More Than Just Physical Stamina

The discussion kicks off with a delve into the world of extreme endurance. Cameron Hanes talks about his ultra-marathon endeavors, illustrating not just the physical but the mental fortitude required to endure such feats. He narrates his transition from a 20-year-old with limitations to a 50-year-old who surpasses his younger self in physical capabilities, epitomizing the mantra of “moderation is for cowards.” This segment of the conversation reveals endurance sports as a battleground for not just physical but psychological challenges, where overtraining is a myth for the uninitiated, and the real battle is fought within the confines of one’s mind.

The Hunting Ethos: A Discourse on Ethics and Conservation

Shifting gears, Joe and Cameron discuss the profound and often misunderstood world of hunting. The discourse navigates through the ethics of hunting, the misconceptions surrounding it, and its role in conservation. Cameron, a seasoned hunter, sheds light on the intricate relationship between the hunter and the prey, emphasizing respect, conservation, and the primal bond that hunting fosters between man and nature. The conversation highlights the need for understanding the natural order, the role of predators, and the significance of hunting in maintaining ecological balance.

The Joe Rogan Influence: A Platform for Change and Awareness

Joe and Cameron reflect on the influential role of The Joe Rogan Experience in shaping public discourse on contentious and often misunderstood topics like hunting and endurance sports. The platform’s reach and impact in demystifying these realms and introducing a broader audience to the depths and nuances of these practices are acknowledged and appreciated.

The Joe Rogan Experience #1074 with Cameron Hanes: Resilience, Hunting Ethics, and the Impact of Influence

In the second third of the podcast, Joe Rogan and Cameron Hanes delve into the extreme demands of ultra-marathon running and the mental fortitude required for such enduring challenges. Cameron Hanes articulates the transformative journey from an average 20-year-old to an exemplary 50-year-old athlete, showcasing the sheer determination and psychological resilience required to excel in endurance sports. This section of the podcast underscores the concept that physical limitations are often mental barriers in disguise, waiting to be overcome.

The Hunter’s Ethos: Ethical Considerations and Conservation Efforts

The conversation takes a thoughtful turn as Rogan and Hanes navigate the complex world of hunting, focusing on its ethical implications and the role it plays in conservation. They discuss the necessity of understanding the natural order and the responsibility of hunters in maintaining ecological balance. The dialog underscores the nuanced relationship between humans and nature, emphasizing the importance of respect, conservation, and the primal connection that hunting fosters.

The Role of Influence: Changing Perceptions and Promoting Understanding

Joe Rogan reflects on the influential role of his platform in shaping public discourse on misunderstood topics like hunting and endurance sports. The podcast serves as a medium to demystify these realms, educating and introducing a broader audience to the depths and nuances of these practices. Hanes and Rogan highlight the impact of influential voices in changing perceptions and promoting a deeper understanding of contentious subjects.

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #1074 with Cameron Hanes: The Unyielding Human Spirit and the Interconnectedness of Life

The final segment of The Joe Rogan Experience #1074 delves into the profound depths of human resilience and strength. Cameron Hanes and Joe Rogan discuss the excruciating demands of ultra-marathon running. They explore the ebb and flow of physical and mental states during such extreme events, sharing personal anecdotes of despair, breakthroughs, and the relentless pursuit of pushing the human body to its limits. This part of the conversation underscores the relentless pursuit of growth and self-improvement, highlighting the fact that the race is as much about conquering one’s inner doubts as it is about the physical distance.

The Complexity of Hunting, Ethics, and Conservation

As the dialogue progresses, the focus shifts back to hunting, its ethics, and its crucial role in conservation. Cameron and Joe dissect the intricacies of hunting, emphasizing the deep respect for nature it entails. They discuss the misconceptions surrounding trophy hunting and the importance of understanding the role hunters play in the conservation ecosystem. The conversation brings to light the necessity of maintaining a balance in nature, and the role hunting plays in achieving this equilibrium.

The Impact of Platforms and Influencers in Shaping Perceptions

The episode also touches upon the significant influence of platforms like The Joe Rogan Experience in shaping public opinion and spreading awareness about misunderstood practices like hunting and endurance sports. The discussion reflects on how such platforms can be powerful tools in educating the public, changing perceptions, and inspiring people to engage in healthy, respectful, and informed dialogues about contentious topics.


In the final third of The Joe Rogan Experience #1074, Joe Rogan and Cameron Hanes navigate through a riveting conversation that weaves together the threads of human endurance, the essence of hunting, and the impact of influential voices in modern media. The discussion is a vivid testament to the human spirit’s indomitable nature, the nuanced complexities of our relationship with nature, and the profound influence that thoughtful, informed discourse can have in shaping our worldviews.