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Cameron Hanes

Cameron Hanes is a renowned American bowhunter, athlete, and conservationist, known for his exceptional dedication to the world of bowhunting and outdoor pursuits. Born on October 2, 1967, in Oregon, Hanes has made a significant impact on the hunting community through his passion for archery and a commitment to physical fitness. With over three decades of bowhunting experience, Cameron Hanes has become an icon in the hunting world, inspiring countless individuals to embrace a bowhunting lifestyle. His relentless pursuit of adventure and personal challenges has led him to tackle extreme physical feats, including ultramarathons, which have further solidified his status as a fitness guru. In addition to his hunting and athletic endeavors, Hanes is an advocate for wildlife conservation and ethical hunting practices. He uses his platform to promote conservation efforts and responsible hunting, emphasizing the importance of preserving our natural resources for future generations. Cameron Hanes continues to inspire and educate hunters and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #1542 with Cameron Hanes: Introduction to a Passionate Hunter and Disciplined Human

My guest today is Cameron Hanes, a man Joe Rogan describes as one of the most disciplined, interesting, and powerful human beings he knows. A renowned bow hunter and a mentor to Rogan, Hanes is celebrated for his extreme discipline and profound knowledge of hunting. The episode starts with a casual yet engaging conversation about the studio’s aesthetics, reflecting Rogan’s unique persona and the intriguing nature of his discussions.

Misinformation and Correction

Rogan quickly delves into a recent correction he had to make regarding misinformation about activists and wildfires. This segment highlights the importance of accuracy and the readiness to admit mistakes, a trait essential in today’s fast-paced information era. The dialogue reflects Rogan’s commitment to truth, even when it requires retracting previous statements.

The Chaos of the Times

The conversation shifts to the social and political chaos, touching on topics from Antifa to the complications of activism. Rogan and Hanes discuss the current tumultuous environment, marked by anger, unemployment, and uncertainty due to COVID-19. They ponder the complexities of protests and the destructive outcomes that often overshadow the quest for change. This section offers a raw look into their perspectives on societal upheavals and the quest for solutions amidst the chaos.

Political Intrigues and The Elite

Intriguingly, the discussion veers into the realm of conspiracy theories, political power plays, and the influence of ‘the elites.’ Both Rogan and Hanes express skepticism and curiosity about the unseen forces shaping global events. They touch upon controversial figures and events, adding layers of intrigue and speculation about the world’s governing structures.

The Essence of Bow Hunting

Central to this episode is the profound passion for bow hunting shared by Rogan and Hanes. They dive into the physical and mental demands of the sport, discussing the intense training and discipline required to excel. Hanes shares his philosophy on staying in peak condition to make the most of every hunting opportunity, illustrating his dedication and love for the craft.

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #1542 with Cameron Hanes: The Intricacies of Bow Hunting and Physical Preparedness

In this segment of Joe Rogan’s engaging conversation with Cameron Hanes, the focus shifts more towards the specifics of bow hunting, the rigorous physical demands it places on the hunter, and the profound connection with the wilderness. Hanes, an accomplished bowhunter and ultra-marathon runner, shares his insights on why intense physical preparation is not just beneficial but essential for success in the wild.

The Role of Fitness in Hunting

Hanes discusses at length the critical role that physical fitness plays in hunting. He describes how being in top physical condition allows for better decision-making, stamina, and readiness in the unpredictable wilderness. The conversation delves into the details of how maintaining a high level of fitness enables a hunter to be prepared at all times, especially during the long, demanding hours of hunting trips.

The Ethical and Ecological Aspects of Hunting

The discussion also ventures into the ethical and ecological implications of hunting. Rogan and Hanes explore the complex relationship between predators and prey, discussing the impact of reintroducing species like wolves into ecosystems. They examine the balance between conservation efforts and the realities of wildlife management, highlighting the importance of understanding and respecting the natural order.

Personal Experiences and Close Encounters

Adding a personal touch to the discussion, Hanes recounts thrilling experiences from his hunts, including close encounters with wildlife and the intense confrontations that occur in the wild. These stories not only illustrate the physical challenges of hunting but also the deep emotional and spiritual connections hunters develop with nature.

The Philosophy of Hunting

Beyond the physical aspects, the conversation takes a deeper dive into the philosophy behind hunting. Hanes and Rogan discuss the intrinsic value of connecting with the food source, the respect for the animals hunted, and the primal satisfaction derived from the hunt. They reflect on how hunting offers a way to escape the modern world’s chaos and return to a more fundamental, instinctual way of living.

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #1542 with Cameron Hanes: The Complexity and Passion Behind Bowhunting

In the final third of Joe Rogan’s discussion with Cameron Hanes, the conversation deepens into the intricacies of bow hunting, the physical preparation it demands, and the connection to the wild game. Hanes elaborates on the mental and physical toll of being constantly prepared during a hunt, likening the sustained focus to performing yoga poses all day. He emphasizes the immense discipline and physical fitness required, explaining that successful hunting is not just about luck but about being in peak physical and mental condition.

The Ecosystem and Rewilding

The topic shifts to the concept of rewilding, particularly discussing the reintroduction of wolves into certain ecosystems. Rogan explores the idea with a sense of curiosity, discussing the potential benefits and drawbacks of such initiatives. They touch upon the deeper implications of hunting and conservation, reflecting on how these practices impact the environment and the animals within it.

The Emotional Highs of Hunting

Rogan and Hanes share personal stories from their hunting experiences, portraying the emotional intensity and the raw, primal connection felt during a hunt. They describe encounters with nature, close calls with wildlife, and the profound respect for the animals they hunt. These stories paint a vivid picture of the highs and lows of bowhunting, the deep respect for nature it fosters, and the physical and emotional challenges it presents.

The Physicality and Diet of a Hunter

The discussion veers into how diet, particularly the consumption of wild game, impacts physical performance and overall health. Hanes, known for his remarkable endurance and strength, credits a significant portion of his diet to wild game, discussing its benefits and how it fuels his demanding lifestyle. This part of the conversation sheds light on the holistic approach to bowhunting, where it’s not just an activity but a lifestyle that encompasses fitness, diet, and a deep connection to the natural world.


In this final segment, Rogan and Hanes delve into the soul of hunting, discussing not just the technicalities but the profound emotional and spiritual connections it creates. The conversation is a compelling mix of personal anecdotes, philosophical reflections, and practical insights, offering a comprehensive view of what it means to be a modern hunter deeply connected to the ancient practice of bowhunting. The dialogue closes with a sense of respect and admiration for the wild and the complex relationship between humans, animals, and the environment.