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Cameron Hanes

Cameron Hanes is a renowned American bowhunter, athlete, and outdoorsman who has left an indelible mark on the world of hunting and fitness. Born on October 2, 1967, in Oregon, Cameron's passion for the outdoors and archery began at a young age. He has since become an iconic figure in the hunting community. Cameron's commitment to physical fitness and mental toughness is evident in his impressive feats of endurance and athleticism. He has completed numerous ultramarathons and ultra-trail races, earning him the reputation of an extreme athlete who pushes the boundaries of human performance. His dedication to bowhunting has also made him a respected authority in the field. As a sought-after speaker, author, and television personality, Cameron Hanes continues to inspire and educate individuals about hunting, fitness, and the importance of embracing challenges. His journey epitomizes the pursuit of excellence in both the wilderness and personal development.

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #1013 with Cameron Hanes: Embracing the Wild

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast #1013 features a riveting conversation between host Joe Rogan and his guest, Cameron Hanes, a renowned bowhunter, ultrarunner, and author. This article presents the first third of their dialogue, exploring the intersection of physical endurance, hunting, and the philosophy behind it.

Ultrarunning and Hunting: A Convergence of Challenges

Cameron Hanes, known for his extraordinary endurance feats and bowhunting skills, shares his experiences with Joe Rogan, discussing the parallels between ultrarunning and hunting. Both activities demand not only physical strength but also mental toughness and resilience. Hanes reflects on his participation in ultra-marathons and how these experiences have shaped his approach to hunting and life. His stories of navigating challenging terrains and extreme weather conditions highlight the importance of perseverance in the face of adversity.

The Nutrition Behind the Endurance

An intriguing part of their conversation delves into the role of nutrition in sustaining these intense activities. Hanes, an advocate for consuming wild game, argues for its nutritional superiority over store-bought meat. The discussion provides insights into how a diet consisting of elk, moose, and other wild game can enhance physical performance and overall health.

Ethical Hunting and Wildlife Conservation

Joe and Cameron extensively discuss the ethics of hunting and its impact on wildlife conservation. They address common misconceptions about hunters and hunting, emphasizing the role of hunters in wildlife management and habitat conservation. Their dialogue sheds light on the complexities of predator-prey dynamics and how regulated hunting contributes to the ecological balance.

The Cultural and Emotional Aspects of Hunting

Beyond the physical and environmental aspects, the podcast touches on the emotional and cultural significance of hunting. Hanes speaks about the profound respect for nature that hunting instills, and how it connects individuals to the primal aspects of life and survival. This segment of the conversation explores how hunting fosters a deeper appreciation for the food we consume and the natural world.

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #1013 with Cameron Hanes: Insights into Training, Diet, and Conservation

The second segment of Joe Rogan’s captivating podcast episode #1013 features an in-depth discussion with ultrarunner and bowhunter Cameron Hanes. This part focuses on the intricate balance of training, diet, and the role of hunting in conservation.

Advanced Training Techniques and Mental Resilience

Cameron Hanes delves into his advanced training regimen, highlighting the immense physical and mental resilience required for both ultrarunning and bowhunting. He shares his experience of running a marathon every day for nine days straight, underlining the significance of endurance in his pursuits. This segment showcases the rigorous training and the extraordinary commitment needed to excel in these demanding activities.

The Impact of Diet on Performance

The conversation takes an interesting turn towards the impact of diet on physical performance. Hanes, an advocate of consuming wild game, discusses the nutritional benefits of elk, moose, and other wild meats. He compares these to conventional store-bought meats, emphasizing the advantages of natural, high-protein diets in enhancing endurance and health.

Hunting, Conservation, and Ethical Debates

A significant portion of the discussion is dedicated to the ethics of hunting and its integral role in wildlife conservation. Rogan and Hanes address common misconceptions about hunting, shedding light on how it contributes to ecological balance and habitat preservation. They explore the complex dynamics of predator-prey relationships and the necessity of regulated hunting for maintaining ecological equilibrium.

The Misrepresentation of Hunting in Media

The segment also touches on the portrayal of hunting in media and its impact on public perception. Hanes talks about the negative stereotyping of hunters in popular culture, countering it with personal anecdotes that depict hunters as responsible and respectful towards nature. This part of the conversation is crucial in dispelling myths and presenting a more nuanced view of hunting.

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #1013 with Cameron Hanes: Beyond the Hunt – Training, Nutrition, and Future of Hunting

In the final third of Joe Rogan’s intriguing podcast episode #1013 with Cameron Hanes, the conversation continues to dive deeper into the aspects of training, nutrition, and the future of hunting.

Pushing Physical Limits: Ultrarunning and Beyond

Cameron Hanes shares his extreme physical endeavors, including running a marathon every day for nine days, to demonstrate his commitment to pushing the limits of human endurance. This segment reveals the extreme dedication and mental fortitude required to excel in both ultrarunning and bowhunting, highlighting the parallels between these two demanding disciplines.

The Role of Wild Game in Diet and Performance

The discussion further delves into the significant role of nutrition in enhancing physical performance. Hanes emphasizes the benefits of consuming wild game, particularly elk and moose, and compares its nutritional value to conventional meats. He articulates how a diet rich in wild game not only supports his demanding physical activities but also aligns with his philosophy of ethical consumption and sustainability.

Future of Hunting: Education and Public Perception

Rogan and Hanes discuss the future of hunting, focusing on the importance of education and changing public perceptions. They explore the idea of organizing camps and seminars to educate people about hunting, archery, and wildlife conservation. This part of the podcast underscores the need to provide accurate information and hands-on experiences to demystify hunting and highlight its role in wildlife management.

Conservation and Wildlife Management

The conversation shifts to the broader implications of hunting on wildlife conservation. They address how regulated hunting contributes to ecological balance and the management of wildlife populations. This segment emphasizes the role of hunters as custodians of the environment, debunking common misconceptions about hunting and conservation.


The final part of The Joe Rogan Experience #1013 with Cameron Hanes offers an insightful conclusion to their extensive dialogue. It reinforces the themes of physical endurance, ethical hunting, and the importance of education in shaping the future of sustainable wildlife management.