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Senator Mike Lee, a dedicated and influential Republican politician, has been proudly serving Utah since his election to the U.S. Senate in 2010. A staunch defender of limited government, individual liberty, and the Constitution, Lee's legislative expertise has made him a prominent figure in American politics. Born in Mesa, Arizona, in 1971, the senator's educational background includes a J.D. from Brigham Young University's prestigious J. Reuben Clark Law School. Throughout his tenure, Senator Lee has championed tax reform, regulatory reduction, and fiscal responsibility, earning admiration from conservative circles nationwide. As an advocate for states' rights and the pro-life movement, Lee's unwavering commitment to core values resonates with his constituents. Keep up with Senator Mike Lee's latest policy proposals, initiatives, and political commentary by visiting his official website and following him on social media.

Books Mentioned in this Podcast with Senator Mike Lee & Jordan Peterson

Book Title: War And The Rise Of The State

Author: Bruce D. Porter

The Bible

Books by Arthur C. Brooks

Jordan Peterson Podcast #346: A Candid Conversation with Senator Mike Lee on War, Governance, and the Future

In the latest episode of the Jordan Peterson Podcast, Dr. Peterson engages in a thought-provoking discussion with Senator Mike Lee, touching on topics such as war, governance, and the future. The conversation examines the West’s aims, the need for oversight, and the importance of addressing domestic issues while also questioning the motives behind wars and the potential consequences of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investing.

War, Governance, and Overspending: Delving into the Complexities of the West's Aims and NATO Risks

The podcast begins by discussing the West’s objectives (2:37) and the reasonable case for war (4:12). Senator Lee offers the US perspective (6:25) and the staggering amount of over 100 billion dollars spent on such endeavors (9:54). They delve into the issues of collusion and a lack of oversight (11:30) and the reality that we are basically at war (14:58). The conversation then turns to the recipients of the money (16:22) and the potential risks to NATO countries (18:10).

The Homefront, Political Affiliations, and the Role of War in Government Power

Peterson and Lee discuss the challenges of governance in an age where information is shared through “single pixel tweets” (22:44) and how people can be caught in the “bandsaw” of political strife (25:50). They question why negotiations for peace aren’t being pursued (29:35) and examine the narrative fed to Americans (32:11).

Ukraine, the Third Commandment, and Eternal Truths: A Reflection on Virtue and Social Credit

The conversation shifts to pressing issues on the home front, such as the opioid crisis and fentanyl (36:39), before touching on Biden’s stance and the Red Stage (37:55). They discuss the importance of speaking up on Russia (40:14) and whether this is a Republican issue (41:35). Peterson and Lee assert that wars can be used by governments to consolidate power (44:37) and speculate on how things would be different if Trump were president right now (47:55). They also discuss DeSantis and the need for skepticism (48:48), emphasizing the importance of having a concrete plan (49:35).

ESG Investing: Lies, Challenges, and the Fight Against Unethical Practices

As the conversation continues, they explore Ukraine’s desire to reclaim Crimea (52:35) and the meaning of the Third Commandment (54:26). They discuss eternal truths and undeserved virtue (58:55) before diving into the concept of social credit and the future of monetized virtue (1:03:10). They identify the problems that are often collapsed into a singularity (1:04:55) and discuss the challenges of ESG investing and gaming the system (1:07:10).

Senator Lee's Priorities, Decentralizing Power, and the Importance of Responsibility and Hierarchy

A resolution of disapproval is mentioned (1:08:05) before exposing the lies of investment giants Vanguard and BlackRock (1:09:54). Peterson and Lee then discuss China’s role in the free market (1:14:59) and the inevitable collision course with reality (1:18:23). They predict that the ESG discussion will become a major campaign point (1:21:15) and highlight the efforts of Vivek Ramaswamy in fighting back against this trend (1:22:34). They express confidence that the American people will not stand for such practices (1:24:07).

Philosophical Musings: Happiness, Brooding Omnipresence, and Advancing Towards a Goal

Senator Lee shares his priorities for the future (1:25:32) and the importance of decentralizing power (1:28:20). They discuss responsibility and hierarchy (1:30:55) and the significance of finding happiness in one’s work (1:34:15). The conversation turns philosophical as they explore the concept of brooding omnipresence (1:36:18) and how joy comes from advancing towards a goal (1:37:09). They reflect on the feeling of distance between themselves and their listeners (1:39:31) before concluding the podcast with closing remarks (1:41:55).

Conclusion: A Must-Listen Episode for Understanding Modern Politics and Shaping a Better World

In summary, this candid and engaging conversation between Dr. Jordan Peterson and Senator Mike Lee offers insight into the complexities of war, governance, and the future. They discuss the implications of our current geopolitical landscape, highlighting the need for oversight, the importance of addressing domestic issues, and questioning the motives behind wars. The conversation also delves into the potential consequences of ESG investing and the role it may play in future political campaigns.

Throughout the podcast, Peterson and Lee emphasize the importance of skepticism, concrete plans, and staying informed. They share their belief in the power of the American people to stand up against unethical practices and advocate for a more transparent and decentralized system of governance. The discussion also touches on philosophical ideas about happiness, work, and the pursuit of meaningful goals.

This thought-provoking episode of the Jordan Peterson Podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in understanding the nuances of modern-day politics, the future of governance, and the role individuals can play in shaping a better world.