Topics Discussed: Dr. Dennis McKenna now, What is ethnopharmacology?, Ayahuasca, Hierarchy of concepts, The Reality Hallucination, Breaking down hyper reality , Commonalities of entities, The intrinsic form of personality, Ritual, bad shamans, Carl Rogers, voluntary exposure, Roland Griffiths, the flaw in how medicine is practiced, Impending mortality, Dr. McKenna’s future plans, Looking back at a life long career .

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Dennis McKenna

Dr. Dennis McKenna is an American ethnopharmacologist, lecturer and author. He is a founding board member and the director of ethnopharmacology at the Heffter Research Institute, a non-profit exploring the therapeutic uses of psychedelic medicines. McKenna received his masters in botany at the University of Hawaii in 1979, followed by his doctorate in the same field at the University of British Columbia in 1984. Dennis is the brother of Terrence McKenna, a cultural figure and proponent for the exploration of psychedelics. Together they co-authored The Invisible Landscape. Much later Dennis would write a memoir, Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss, detailing he and his brothers exploits in the field. Today, Dennis tours and lectures, while also running the Mckenna Academy of Natural Philosophy, which seeks to uncover the mysteries of consciousness held within the realm of botany and pharmacology.

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