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Dennis McKenna is an esteemed ethnopharmacologist and author, renowned for his groundbreaking research on psychedelics and plants. Born in 1950, he grew alongside his brother, Terence McKenna, with whom he shared profound Amazonian adventures, documented in their co-authored book, "The Invisible Landscape." While Terence emerged as a charismatic spokesperson for the psychedelic movement, Dennis focused on the scientific aspects, particularly the pharmacology of psychedelic substances. With a Ph.D. in Botanical Sciences, his contributions include deep investigations into the properties and effects of ayahuasca, a traditional South American brew. Beyond research, Dennis is a fervent advocate for the therapeutic and spiritual benefits of plant medicines. His book "Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss" provides an intimate insight into his relationship with Terence and their shared psychedelic journey.

Books Mentioned on The Joe Rogan Experience #1133 - Dennis McKenna

Book Title: Ethnopharmacologic Search for Psychoactive Drugs (Volumes 1 & 2): 50 Years of Research

Author: edited by Dennis McKenna, Sir Ghillean T. Prance, Wade Davis & Benjamin De Leonen

The Mystical World of DMT with Joe Rogan and Dennis McKenna

In a world where the boundaries between science, spirituality, and the unknown often blur, few substances have captivated the imagination as deeply as DMT. When Joe Rogan sat down with Dennis McKenna, a renowned ethnopharmacologist, the conversation delved into the enigmatic realm of DMT, its presence in nature, and the untapped mysteries of our world.

DMT: The Ubiquitous Psychedelic

Dennis McKenna paints a vivid picture of a world teeming with DMT. While current knowledge recognizes approximately 150 species of plants containing this potent psychedelic, McKenna suggests this is just the tip of the iceberg. This number, he posits, is merely reflective of the limited research undertaken. The true breadth of DMT’s presence in nature remains a tantalizing mystery.

The Untapped Potential of Nature's Genera

Highlighting genera such as acacias and mimosas, known reservoirs of tryptamines, McKenna speculates on the vast untapped potential lying in wait. With hundreds to thousands of species within these genera, the likelihood that a significant percentage contains DMT is high. Yet, the lack of comprehensive research and funding in this area means that these natural wonders remain largely unexplored.


The conversation between Joe Rogan and Dennis McKenna offers a profound reflection on the wonders of nature, the vast potential of DMT, and the need for continued exploration. As the lines between known and unknown continue to blur, their dialogue stands as a testament to the infinite mysteries of the universe and the boundless potential of human discovery.