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Colion Noir

Colion Noir is a prominent American Second Amendment advocate, civil rights commentator, and lawyer. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Noir gained national attention through his articulate defense of gun rights and his ability to engage with a diverse audience on complex socio-legal issues. A prolific content creator, he utilizes various platforms, including YouTube and social media, to disseminate his views, often blending legal analysis with cultural commentary. His legal background, combined with a dynamic communication style, positions him as a significant voice in contemporary debates surrounding gun legislation and civil liberties. Noir's influence extends beyond advocacy, as he seeks to educate and empower individuals about their constitutional rights and the socio-political implications of gun ownership in the United States.

JRE 2094 with Colion Noir: Navigating the Complexity of Social Media and Gun Content: Insights from The Joe Rogan Experience

In an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience featuring Colion Noir, the conversation delves deep into the intricate dynamics between social media platforms and the portrayal of firearms. This discussion sheds light on the paradoxical situation where graphic content is rampant on platforms like Instagram, yet educational or safety-oriented firearm content faces restrictions or outright bans.

The Paradox of Content Moderation

The dialogue kicks off by highlighting the stark contrast in content moderation on social media. Platforms like Instagram are teeming with graphic content, easily accessible to users, often making its way into feeds uninvited. However, when it comes to posting educational content about firearms, even with a focus on safety and responsibility, creators like Colion Noir face severe restrictions. This phenomenon, which has evolved beyond shadow banning to more overt content suppression, raises critical questions about the criteria and transparency of content moderation policies.

The Ripple Effects on Gun Safety Education

The conversation underscores a significant concern: the current content moderation landscape on social media may inadvertently limit access to crucial gun safety education. Colion Noir points out that the majority of firearm-related content that manages to circulate on these platforms often portrays firearms negatively or demonstrates unsafe handling, skewing public perception and understanding. The suppression of educational content not only hinders the spread of essential safety practices but also deprives users of a balanced, informative perspective on firearm usage and laws.

Personal Journey and the Power of Responsible Content

Sharing his personal journey, Noir emphasizes the pivotal role that responsible, educational content played in his understanding of firearm safety. Platforms like YouTube served as invaluable resources, offering a plethora of content that ingrained the principles of safe firearm handling. Noir’s experience is a testament to the potential of social media as a tool for promoting safety and responsibility, a potential that is currently underutilized due to prevailing content policies.

A Call for Balanced Moderation and Education

The discussion culminates in a poignant critique of the current state of social media regarding firearm content. The episode calls for a more balanced approach to content moderation, one that recognizes the value of educational and safety-oriented firearm content. As Noir articulately puts it, with the prevalence of firearms in society, the focus should be on spreading knowledge and safety practices to minimize accidents and promote responsible ownership.

This episode of The Joe Rogan Experience with Colion Noir sheds light on a critical and complex issue at the intersection of social media, content moderation, and firearm safety. It challenges listeners to rethink the current paradigms and advocates for a more informed and balanced discourse on firearms in the digital age.

JRE 2094 – Joe Rogan & Colion Noir: Understanding the Unbelievable: A Closer Look at the Marijuana Psychosis Defense

In an episode that pushes the boundaries of belief and legal precedent, The Joe Rogan Experience dives into the perplexing case of a woman in California who faced charges for stabbing her boyfriend 108 times. The defense? Marijuana-induced psychosis. This article unpacks the conversation between Joe Rogan and Colion Noir as they dissect the intricate layers of this legal and psychological puzzle, probing into the broader implications for legal systems and societal perceptions of drug-induced behavior.

A Case Beyond Comprehension

The case in question presents a woman who, after consuming marijuana, inflicted lethal harm upon her partner, culminating in a shocking 108 stab wounds. The defense attributed this violent outburst to a psychotic break triggered by the substance, leading to an outcome where the perpetrator was sentenced to a mere two years of probation and 100 hours of community service. This verdict has ignited a fiery debate, with Joe Rogan and Colion Noir expressing disbelief and concern over the ramifications of such a ruling.

The Marijuana Psychosis Debate

The narrative takes a perplexing turn as the discussion unfolds, revealing the woman’s claim of experiencing a severe psychotic episode after consuming marijuana. The conversation navigates through the nuances of marijuana-induced psychosis, a condition that, while rare, is acknowledged in medical circles. Rogan and Noir explore this complex phenomenon, pondering the plausibility of marijuana triggering such an extreme and violent reaction.

Legal Conundrums and Societal Reflections

The focal point of the episode is the legal and societal implications of this case. The hosts debate the intricate balance between acknowledging the potential mental health repercussions of substance use and ensuring accountability for one’s actions. They delve into the broader discourse surrounding drug-related defenses in the legal system, questioning the consistency and morality of such rulings, especially when juxtaposed with cases involving other substances like alcohol or more potent drugs.

Conclusion: A Call for a Balanced Discourse

The episode of The Joe Rogan Experience featuring this case serves as a catalyst for a deeper exploration of the intersection between substance use, mental health, and legal accountability. It challenges listeners to consider the complexities of drug-induced psychosis, the consistency of legal responses to such defenses, and the broader societal attitudes towards substance use and mental health. As the narrative of this case continues to unfold, it underscores the importance of a nuanced and informed discourse in addressing these multifaceted issues.

JRE 2094 – Tackling Icy Roads: Insights from Joe Rogan & Colion Noir

When winter hits, even the most seasoned drivers can find icy roads challenging. In an engaging conversation on The Joe Rogan Experience, host Joe Rogan and guest Colion Noir share their personal experiences and insights on navigating the treacherous conditions of icy roads.

The Perils of Underestimating Winter Roads

Joe Rogan, hailing from Boston, brings years of experience driving in snowy conditions. He reminisces about the icy roads in Texas, highlighting the unpredictability and dangers they present. Colion Noir adds his story about a daunting drive from Oklahoma City to Dallas in a Range Rover. Despite the vehicle’s capabilities, Noir illustrates the harsh reality of icy conditions, where even the most robust cars can falter against the sheer ice, turning a simple journey into a hazardous endeavor.

The Importance of Preparation and Patience

The conversation takes a turn towards the importance of vehicle preparation and driving techniques specific to icy conditions. Noir’s story is a stark reminder that factors like tire quality are crucial when navigating icy roads. They discuss the common mistake of overestimating one’s driving abilities and the vehicle’s features, emphasizing that patience and slow driving are key to safety.

The Community Spirit in Times of Need

An uplifting moment in their exchange is the appearance of a local farmer with a tractor, ready to assist Noir after his vehicle ended up in a ditch. This act of kindness underscores the community spirit often seen in challenging times. It’s a powerful reminder that, in moments of crisis, the generosity of strangers can be a lifeline.

The Unpredictable Nature of Winter Travel

The story doesn’t just end with the drive itself. After the ordeal, Noir’s vehicle suffers brake failure upon reaching home, a testament to the harsh conditions and the toll they can take on even the most well-equipped vehicles. Rogan and Noir also touch upon the broader implications of winter travel, from the lack of preparedness in certain cities to the personal strategies they employ to stay safe during these risky months.


Navigating icy roads is a complex task that demands respect, preparation, and a cautious approach. The discussion between Joe Rogan and Colion Noir sheds light on the personal experiences and lessons learned while driving in such perilous conditions. It’s a compelling reminder of the power of nature, the importance of community, and the need for proper preparation during the winter months. As the conversation reveals, facing icy roads is not just about driving; it’s about understanding, adapting, and supporting each other through the challenges

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