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Colion Noir

Colion Noir is a prominent figure in the world of firearms advocacy and Second Amendment rights. Born on November 3, 1983, in Houston, Texas, Colion has made a significant impact as a commentator, lawyer, and NRA News contributor. With a charismatic and unapologetic style, Colion Noir has engaged in passionate discussions about gun rights, self-defense, and the importance of responsible gun ownership. His YouTube channel, where he discusses a wide range of firearm-related topics, has garnered millions of views and a dedicated following. Colion, a licensed attorney, brings a unique perspective to the debate, using his legal knowledge to dissect complex issues surrounding gun control and legislation. He has been a staunch advocate for preserving the individual's right to bear arms while emphasizing the importance of safety and education within the firearms community. Through his advocacy work and online presence, Colion Noir continues to be a voice for responsible gun ownership and the protection of Second Amendment rights in the United States.

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #1496 with Colion Noir: Exploring Firearms, Rights, and Safety

In episode #1496 of The Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan sits down with Colion Noir, a notable gun enthusiast, lawyer, and influencer. Their conversation spans a wide array of topics, from the intricacies of gun rights and ownership to the current socio-political climate surrounding firearms. This article, the first of a three-part series, delves into the initial third of their discussion, shedding light on the vital insights shared during the podcast.

Sponsorship and Opening Remarks

The episode begins with Rogan discussing various sponsors, reflecting his personal experiences and recommendations, from Roka Sunglasses to Liquid IV. These endorsements, however, are more than just advertisements; they provide a glimpse into the practical tools and services Rogan values in his everyday life.

Introduction of Colion Noir

Colion Noir, a prominent advocate for the Second Amendment and a seasoned lawyer, is introduced as the episode’s guest. His previous appearances on the podcast have established him as a knowledgeable and passionate voice in the realm of gun rights and safety. Rogan mentions the timeliness of the discussion, given the heightened discourse on gun ownership and rights amidst societal unrest.

Discussion on Firearms and the Second Amendment

The conversation swiftly moves to the core subject: firearms. Noir and Rogan discuss various aspects of gun ownership, including:

  • Personal anecdotes: Noir shares stories about his experiences with firearms, illustrating the practical and recreational sides of gun ownership.
  • The cultural impact of firearms: They delve into how guns are perceived in society, the media’s portrayal of gun ownership, and the implications for individuals who choose to arm themselves for protection or sport.
  • Legal and regulatory landscape: The dialogue touches on the complexities of gun laws, the challenges of enacting effective regulations, and the impact of these laws on responsible gun owners.

Shifting Perceptions and the Role of Education

A significant portion of the discussion revolves around the shifting perceptions of gun ownership in the U.S. Noir emphasizes the importance of education, suggesting that a well-informed society is more likely to engage responsibly with firearms. They explore the idea of firearms training and education as tools to enhance public safety and understanding.


The first part of this three-part article series encapsulates the nuanced conversation between Joe Rogan and Colion Noir. Their dialogue not only highlights the complexities surrounding gun ownership and rights but also underscores the importance of informed discourse and education. As the nation grapples with these issues, the insights offered in this episode of The Joe Rogan Experience provide valuable perspectives for anyone interested in understanding the multifaceted world of firearms.