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Dr. Shawn Baker

Dr. Shawn Baker is a prominent figure in the health and fitness community, known for his advocacy of the carnivore diet. Born on January 22, 1967, in the United States, Baker has established himself as a multifaceted professional: an orthopedic surgeon, author, and athlete. He gained substantial attention for his unconventional nutritional approach, which exclusively focuses on animal products, arguing for its benefits in health and physical performance. Baker's medical career, complemented by his athletic achievements in rowing and strength sports, lends credibility to his dietary recommendations. His book, "The Carnivore Diet," encapsulates his philosophy and has been influential in popularizing this dietary trend. A controversial figure, Baker often engages in debates over nutritional science, challenging conventional dietary guidelines. His presence on social media platforms and his podcast, "Revero," further amplify his views, making him a notable, albeit polarizing, voice in nutritional discourse.

Books Mentioned on The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #2069 - Dr. Shawn Baker

The Role of Processed Foods, Food Addiction, and the Carnivore Diet in Modern Health: Insights from Dr. Shawn Baker on The Joe Rogan Experience #2069

Introduction: A Candid Discussion on Diet and Health

In a riveting episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan engages with Dr. Shawn Baker, a proponent of the carnivore diet, in a detailed discussion about the impact of processed foods, food addiction, and alternative dietary practices on human health.

Processed Foods and the Obesity Epidemic

Dr. Baker criticizes the prevalence of processed foods in the American diet, highlighting the detrimental effects they have on public health. He points out that the U.S. diet comprises nearly 70% ultra-processed foods, contributing to rising obesity rates and health complications. Baker emphasizes the need for a shift towards more natural dietary habits.

The Carnivore Diet: A Controversial Alternative

The episode delves into the carnivore diet, an all-meat diet that Dr. Baker advocates as a potential solution to mitigate the effects of diabetes and obesity. He shares anecdotal evidence and personal experiences to support his claim that this diet can lead to significant health improvements, including the remission of diabetes.

Critique of Dietary Studies and Guidelines

Dr. Baker expresses concern over the scientific rigor and bias in dietary studies, particularly those that demonize meat consumption without considering the impact of processed foods and sugars. He is critical of the influence that food industries have on dietary guidelines and research funding, citing conflicts of interest and a lack of focus on real food.

The Influence of Food Industry and Lobbying

The conversation sheds light on the food industry’s influence over dietary guidelines and research. Dr. Baker points out that many members of the dietary guidelines panel have financial ties to processed food companies, leading to biased recommendations that favor processed foods over natural diets.

The Impact of Ultra-Processed Foods on Health

Dr. Baker and Joe Rogan discuss the alarming rate at which ultra-processed foods dominate the American diet and the subsequent health ramifications. They emphasize the need for a return to natural, whole foods to combat the rising tide of diet-related diseases.

A Call for Dietary Reform

The episode concludes with a call for a reevaluation of dietary habits and guidelines, emphasizing the importance of natural foods and questioning the prevailing reliance on processed products. Dr. Baker’s insights offer a provocative perspective on the current state of dietary health and the potential benefits of radical dietary changes like the carnivore diet.

Sugar Industry’s Influence on Dietary Guidelines and The Surprising Cattle Industry in India

The Joe Rogan Experience #2069 featured a revealing discussion with Dr. Shawn Baker, shedding light on the controversial influences of the sugar industry on dietary recommendations and the unexpected scale of cattle slaughter in India, a country often perceived as predominantly vegetarian.

Sugar Industry’s Impact on Dietary Recommendations

Dr. Shawn Baker and Joe Rogan delved into the historical manipulation of dietary guidelines by the sugar industry. In the 1960s, Harvard researchers were reportedly bribed by the sugar industry, equivalent to $50,000 today, to produce studies that demonized saturated fat and diverted attention from the harmful effects of sugar. This fraudulent study became the foundation of many dietary recommendations, misleading generations of healthcare professionals and consumers.

FDA and Corporate Influence

The conversation also highlighted the broader issue of corporate influence on health guidelines. It was pointed out that there’s a concerning “revolving door” between regulatory agencies like the FDA and the food and pharmaceutical industries. This relationship raises questions about the integrity of health recommendations and drug approvals, as these organizations often receive significant funding from the industries they regulate.

India’s Cattle Industry: A Surprising Revelation

Contrary to the common perception of India as a predominantly vegetarian country with sacred cows, Dr. Baker revealed an astonishing fact: India slaughters more cattle annually than the United States. With a cattle population of 300 million, India reportedly slaughters 38 million cattle each year, primarily for export. This revelation challenges common stereotypes and underscores the complexity of cultural and economic practices in India.


The episode underscored the need for critical examination of dietary guidelines and regulatory practices. The influence of industries on health recommendations and the surprising global practices in cattle trade highlight the complexity and interconnectedness of our dietary habits and cultural perceptions.