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Steven Rinella

Steven Rinella is a renowned outdoorsman, conservationist, and media personality known for his passion for hunting, fishing, and the great outdoors. Born in 1974, Rinella has carved a unique niche in the world of outdoor adventure. He is best recognized as the host of the hit television series "MeatEater," which explores hunting, fishing, and wild game cooking while emphasizing conservation and ethical hunting practices. Rinella is also a prolific author, having penned several critically acclaimed books, including "The MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook" and "American Buffalo: In Search of a Lost Icon." His writing and media work have garnered numerous accolades, making him a respected voice in the conservation community. Beyond his career in media, Steven Rinella is a tireless advocate for wildlife conservation and sustainable hunting, making significant contributions to the preservation of America's natural heritage. His dedication to the outdoors and ethical hunting practices continues to inspire and educate people worldwide.

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #1559 with Steven Rinella

In episode 1559 of the Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan hosts Steven Rinella, a man of many talents including author, conservationist, and the host of the MeatEater podcast and Netflix show. Their conversation is an intriguing mix of humor, personal anecdotes, and thoughtful discussions on various topics. This article covers the first third of their lengthy discourse.

Early Conversations and Anecdotes

The podcast kicks off with a light-hearted discussion about a fur buyer and taxidermist from Rinella’s youth. This segues into a somewhat bizarre yet fascinating talk about the collection and use of baculums (penis bones) in various animals, highlighting the casual, anything-goes nature of the conversation.

The Art and Challenge of Podcasting

As they delve into the world of podcasting and media, Rogan and Rinella discuss the freedom and challenges that come with creating content. Rogan reflects on the early days of podcasting, noting how it has evolved into a powerful platform despite his initial lack of foresight about its potential. They talk about the intimate yet public nature of podcasts, where spontaneous thoughts and conversations can reach millions.

The Evolution of Media and Influence

The conversation naturally flows into a critique of mainstream media and the changing landscape of influence. Rogan points out the unique position podcasts hold, free from traditional media constraints yet influential enough to rival them. They discuss the responsibility and scrutiny that comes with such influence, especially in the context of Rogan’s own experience with his massively popular podcast.

Personal Reflections and Growth

Throughout the first third of the podcast, both Rogan and Rinella share personal anecdotes and reflections. They touch on topics like the impact of life changes on creativity and focus, the importance of motivation and its sources, and the fine line between censorship and freedom of expression. These personal insights provide a deep dive into their characters and philosophies.

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #1559 with Steven Rinella: Reflections on Influence and Responsibility

In the second third of their discussion, Joe Rogan and Steven Rinella delve into the realms of responsibility, influence, and the evolution of media. They start by reflecting on the peculiarities of influence and the responsibilities that come with a platform as significant as Rogan’s podcast. Rogan, reflecting on his past experiences and personal growth, attributes a part of his carefree attitude towards criticism to the “right amount” of brain trauma from his martial arts days, suggesting it has given him a unique resilience.

The Intricacies of Podcasting and Media

The conversation takes an analytical turn as they discuss the transformation of podcasting from a niche, uncontrolled medium to a more formalized and scrutinized one. Rinella points out the convergent evolution where podcasting, initially a revolt against overly polished mainstream media, is now grappling with the same forces of formality and scrutiny that it sought to escape.

Election Reflections and the State of America

The talk then shifts to the current state of America amidst the 2020 Presidential Election. As they converse, the election results are still unknown, leaving the nation in a state of suspense. This uncertainty leads to a broader discussion about the polarized nature of American society and the media’s role in it. Rogan criticizes the mainstream media’s bias, particularly in their coverage of Joe Biden, arguing that significant issues and gaffes are often overlooked or underreported to fit a particular narrative.

Authenticity vs. Overproduction

Rogan passionately discusses the value of authenticity in media, particularly in podcasts, as opposed to the overproduced and filtered nature of traditional news and entertainment shows. He stresses that the real, unscripted, and unfiltered format of podcasts like his is what resonates with the audience, a stark contrast to the manufactured and agenda-driven content often seen on television.

Historical Accuracy in Entertainment

The conversation also touches on the importance of historical accuracy in movies and media, with both hosts expressing frustration over unnecessary changes or dramatizations of real events. Rinella shares an experience with a producer who had a very different vision of how to portray hunting, highlighting the clash between authenticity and creative license.

Personal Reflections and Community Interactions

As they near the end of this segment, both Rogan and Rinella share personal reflections. Rogan discusses his reluctance to ever consider running for president, emphasizing the distortion of character and narrative that often accompanies political campaigns. Meanwhile, Rinella shares his positive experiences interacting with fellow Americans in his community, contrasting this with the seemingly dire state of national discourse.

The Joe Rogan Experience #1559 with Steven Rinella: The Dichotomy of America’s Unity and Division

As the conversation continues, Joe Rogan and Steven Rinella discuss the dichotomy between the unity they personally experience in daily interactions and the division that’s often portrayed in media and politics. They ponder whether the division is as severe as it seems or if it’s a digital manifestation exacerbated by platforms like social media, noting how “The Social Dilemma” documentary sheds light on this issue. The discussion underscores the complexities of modern society, where online echo chambers amplify divisions, contrasting with the often harmonious real-world interactions.

Contemplating the State and Future of America

Both hosts express their concerns about the future of America, reflecting on the polarization and the challenges the country faces. They delve into the implications of media bias, the two-party system, and the impact of social media on societal division. Rinella shares a poignant moment of “grieving for America” not over the election’s outcome but over the increasing polarization and the questioning of American pride and patriotism.

The Reality of Predators and Wildlife Management

Shifting gears, Rogan and Rinella discuss wildlife, specifically predators like wolves and grizzly bears. They explore the complexities of wildlife management, the emotional and symbolic significance of wolves, and the challenges and controversies surrounding their reintroduction. Rinella shares his balanced perspective on predator management, advocating for a stable population controlled through state management and expressing a deep respect for the natural world.

Personal Encounters with Nature’s Predators

Rinella recounts a harrowing personal experience with a grizzly bear, highlighting the unpredictability and raw power of nature. They discuss the psychological impact of such encounters and the human brain’s response to extreme stress. This leads to a broader conversation about the human relationship with nature and the importance of understanding and respecting wild animals and their habitats.

The Fascination with Exotic and Native Wildlife

The discussion turns to the fascination with exotic animals in places like Texas, where species not native to the region, like Neil Guy and Axis deer, thrive and are sought after for hunting and culinary experiences. They explore why certain animals capture the public’s imagination and the unique ecological and cultural landscapes that allow these species to become part of the local fauna.

Final Thoughts and Reflections

As the conversation winds down, Rogan and Rinella ponder the importance of understanding our place in the natural world, the role of humans in wildlife management, and the responsibility that comes with it. They reflect on the beauty and complexity of America, its wildlife, and the shared experiences that shape our understanding of the world.


In this final segment of their conversation, Joe Rogan and Steven Rinella engage in a thoughtful and wide-ranging discussion that touches on the state of America, the nature of wildlife and predator management, and personal experiences that highlight the profound and often complicated relationship between humans and the natural world. Their dialogue underscores the importance of understanding, respect, and responsibility as we navigate the challenges and wonders of our environment and society.