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Adam Greentree

Adam Greentree is a modern-day outdoorsman and adventurer who has captivated audiences worldwide with his passion for hunting, conservation, and exploration. Born and raised in Australia, Adam's journey into the wild began as a young boy, and it has since become the driving force behind his life. With a deep respect for nature and wildlife, he has honed his skills as a bowhunter and backcountry enthusiast. Adam is not only an accomplished hunter but also a dedicated conservationist. He uses his platform to promote ethical hunting practices and raise awareness about wildlife conservation issues. His commitment to preserving the natural world has earned him recognition and respect within the outdoor community. As a prolific content creator, Adam shares his adventures through various media, including television shows, podcasts, and social media. His storytelling ability and love for the wild have made him a sought-after figure in the outdoor industry, inspiring countless individuals to connect with nature and pursue their own outdoor dreams. Adam Greentree continues to leave his mark on the wilderness, embodying the spirit of adventure and conservation in every endeavor.

Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) #1028 with Adam Greentree

In episode #1028 of the Joe Rogan Experience, host Joe Rogan invites Adam Greentree, a renowned hunter and outdoor adventurer, to share his insights and experiences. This article covers the first third of their extensive conversation, revealing intriguing details about indigenous cultures, unique hunting experiences, and the profound impact of human activities on wildlife and the environment.

Exploring Indigenous Cultures and Hunting Adventures

Adam Greentree, a seasoned hunter, delves into his experiences working with indigenous communities. He highlights the cultural diversity and traditions of these groups, emphasizing their distinct ways of life, societal structures, and the profound respect they have for their land and heritage. Greentree’s interactions with these communities offer a glimpse into their world, often unseen and unheard by the broader public.

Impact of Human Activity on Wildlife

A significant portion of the conversation focuses on how human activities, both past and present, have affected wildlife. Greentree discusses the introduction of species such as dingoes to Australia by indigenous people and the subsequent ecological changes. He also touches upon the controversial topic of shark hunting for fins and the broader implications of such practices on marine ecosystems.

Environmental Conservation and Ethical Hunting

The podcast doesn’t shy away from discussing the delicate balance between hunting and conservation. Greentree shares his perspective on ethical hunting practices, emphasizing the importance of understanding and respecting wildlife. He also discusses the role of hunters in conservation efforts, highlighting the need for sustainable practices that ensure the longevity of wildlife populations.

Joe Rogan Experience #1028 with Adam Greentree: Understanding Cultural Differences and Indigenous Practices

In the second part of episode #1028 of the Joe Rogan Experience, Adam Greentree continues to share fascinating insights into the lives and practices of indigenous communities. He discusses the remarkable differences in societal roles and traditions among neighboring tribes, illustrating the diversity and richness of these cultures. Greentree’s experiences shed light on the nuanced ways in which these communities interact with their environment and each other, offering a rare and valuable perspective.

The Concept of Property and Sharing in Indigenous Cultures

A compelling topic explored in this segment is the indigenous understanding of property and sharing. Greentree recounts stories about how indigenous peoples, including Native Americans, have a communal approach to resources, contrasting sharply with the Western concept of individual ownership. This discussion raises profound questions about the ways in which different cultures perceive and interact with the world around them.

Exploring the Relationship Between Man and Nature

The conversation delves into the relationship between humans and nature. Greentree talks about his observations of wildlife and the environment, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all living things. This part of the podcast highlights the importance of respecting and preserving natural habitats, a message that resonates deeply in today’s environmentally conscious society.

Ethical Hunting and Conservation Efforts

Greentree and Rogan also touch upon ethical hunting practices, exploring the hunter’s role in conservation. They discuss the importance of sustainable hunting, which not only supports wildlife populations but also maintains the balance of ecosystems. This segment offers a nuanced view of hunting, challenging common misconceptions and highlighting its role in conservation.


The middle third of Joe Rogan’s podcast with Adam Greentree offers a thought-provoking exploration of indigenous cultures, the human-nature relationship, and ethical hunting practices. The insights provided by Greentree are both educational and enlightening, encouraging listeners to consider different perspectives on these important issues.