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Adam Greentree

Adam Greentree is an Australian outdoorsman, renowned bowhunter, and photographer. Born on September 29, 1980, he catapulted to fame with the Bowhunters Life Podcast, captivating over 400,000 Instagram followers with his hunting exploits. Married to Kimmi in 2002 and a father of three, Greentree is also a businessman running operations on Australia's West Coast. His hunting passion, kindled in childhood, has seen him manage vermin by targeting invasive species. A guest on popular shows like the Joe Rogan Experience, he's collaborated with YETI and Under Armour Films and operates a merchandise store. A self-proclaimed land steward and culinary adept, Greentree's respect for nature is matched by his love for trekking and bowhunting over rifles

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Near-Death Experience in the New Zealand Mountains: Adam Greentree's Harrowing Tale

Adam Greentree, a seasoned outdoorsman, faced what could have been his final moments in the New Zealand mountains. During an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, he recounted the terrifying ordeal of almost crashing into a mountain while flagging down a helicopter with his bright orange mattress. In an unexpected turn, the helicopter retreated, leaving Greentree stranded and facing severe weather conditions.

Survival Instincts in Harsh Conditions

The retreat of the rescue chopper marked the beginning of Greentree’s true survival test. He packed up in a panic, only to get soaking wet as the snow turned to drizzle. His descent from the mountain was fraught with danger, including a perilous jump onto a sloped rock covered in clear ice, which led to a fall into an ice-cold glacier pool. The fall, heavy with his gear, sent him plunging into the water and into a dangerous chute that carried him further away from safety.

The Fight for Life

Greentree’s battle with nature was far from over. As he struggled against the water’s relentless pull, he encountered multiple life-threatening situations. In one instance, he voluntarily jumped into another water shoot, a decision that was a toss-up between potential salvation or certain death. The series of events that followed was a testament to his will to survive, even as he faced the possibility of not seeing his family again.

The Moment of Resignation

At the edge of a 300 to 400-yard drop, Greentree realized the gravity of his predicament. With nowhere else to go, he pressed the SOS button on his emergency device, a humbling act for a man used to self-reliance. As night approached, he managed to set up a makeshift camp, but his sleeping bag was drenched, and the cold began to set in, bringing him to the brink of hypothermia.

A Fight Against Hypothermia

The cold night was unforgiving, with Greentree’s body shaking uncontrollably in an effort to generate warmth. He struggled with immobilization in his limbs, a chilling reminder of his vulnerable state. As he lay there, thoughts of his family provided a small measure of warmth.

The Long Wait and Final Rescue

The morning brought no assurance of rescue, forcing Greentree to fend for himself once more. His resolve to survive led him to attempt to start a fire and consider building a makeshift helicopter pad for a potential rescue. Hours later, when a rescue helicopter finally appeared, it was a moment of pure elation. Despite his injuries, Greentree gave a thumbs up, a sign of his indomitable spirit and relief at being saved.

Adam Greentree’s story on The Joe Rogan Experience is a gripping account of survival against the odds, showcasing the human spirit’s capacity to endure in the face of nature’s most daunting challenges.