Who is Trung Phan? As a prominent Twitter user with frequent interactions with industry moguls like Elon Musk, Trung Phan’s name often pops up in social media conversations. In this article, we dive into his background, education, and career to paint a comprehensive picture of the man behind the popular online persona.

who is trung phan


Trung Phan’s educational journey began at McGill University, where he studied History and Sociology between 2003 and 2007. Demonstrating his diverse interests, he also completed all three CFA exams with relative ease, though he opted not to pay the required dues and instead invested in Dogecoin. Later, Phan pursued a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the University of British Columbia between 2013 and 2014.


  1. Kensho Technologies (Mar 2015 – Jan 2020): Trung Phan worked for nearly five years at Kensho Technologies, a company that was acquired by S&P Global for over $700 million in 2018. While his specific role isn’t explicitly mentioned, it’s safe to assume he made significant contributions during his tenure.

  2. The Hustle (Jan 2020 – Mar 2022): Phan then transitioned to a writing role at The Hustle, a media company focused on delivering business and tech news. He stayed with the company for two years and three months, during which time it was acquired by HubSpot in March 2021.

  3. Workweek (Mar 2022 – Present): Currently, Trung Phan is a writer at Workweek, where he has been contributing for over a year.

  4. Bearly AI (Oct 2022 – Present): In addition to his writing career, Phan has ventured into the realm of artificial intelligence. He is currently involved in building an AI-powered research app for reading and writing called Bearly AI. The app can be tried out at https://bearly.ai.

  5. Bloomberg Media (Mar 2023 – Present): Most recently, Phan has taken up a writing position at Bloomberg Media, where he has been working for the past two months.

Online Presence:

Trung Phan’s Twitter presence is hard to ignore. With engaging content and frequent interactions with influential figures like Elon Musk, Phan has managed to carve out a unique online persona. His Twitter account is a testament to his wit, intellect, and ability to navigate the digital landscape with ease. This online presence has undoubtedly played a role in amplifying his career and personal brand.


So, who is Trung Phan? A multi-faceted individual with a strong educational background and an impressive career that spans writing, research, and entrepreneurship. His involvement in various industries and roles demonstrates his adaptability and passion for knowledge. His online presence, particularly on Twitter, showcases his wit and intellect, making him a popular figure among industry leaders like Elon Musk. With a promising future ahead of him, Trung Phan is undoubtedly a name to watch in the worlds of media, technology, and beyond.