Dana White and Joe Rogan are the two public figures that are perhaps most closely associated with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Both of them have been involved in UFC for over two decades. But do they have any sort of relationship with one another?

Dana White and Joe Rogan have known each other since at least 2001. They met through their work with the UFC and have developed a very strong personal relationship since then. Joe Rogan considers Dana White a very close friend and has said that he continues to do so even after the recent controversy around White.

In the rest of the article, we are going to look in some more detail at how and when Dana White and Joe Rogan met, how they have worked together in UFC, and what their relationship outside of work is like.

dana white and joe rogan

When Did Dana White and Joe Rogan Meet?

Dana and Joe began their professional relationship in 2001. The two met through the Ultimate Fighting Championship. White was made president of the promotion company that same year after convincing Lorenzo Fertitta to buy it from Bob Meyrowitz, one of the founders.

Joe Rogan had already worked for the UFC as a post-fight interviewer in the 90s, and Dana White was aware of this. Due to both Rogan’s impressive knowledge of MMA and the workings of the UFC as well as his comedy chops and charisma. White reached out to him to offer him a return to the company, but this time as a color commentator.

Joe Rogan accepted White’s offer, returning to his old employer. This second stint in the UFC continues to be a lot more memorable than Rogan’s first one. But more importantly, it kickstarted a lifelong relationship between the two men that has transcended their work.

How Long Have Dana White and Joe Rogan Worked Together in UFC?

Dana White and Rogan started working together in the UFC in 2001. At time of writing, both are still employed by the organization, having worked together within it for 22 years. Dana White continues to hold the title of President of Ultimate Fighting Championship, which was his first role in the company.

Joe Rogan is not as active in the UFC as he was when he rejoined in 2001. He does nonetheless still do color commentary for many of the pay-per-views that are aired, serving as the lead color commentator.

Rogan has been limiting his involvement in the Ultimate Fighting Championship for a number of reasons. One of the big ones is the fatigue that comes with age, leaving him with less energy to travel constantly. Perhaps a more important reason is the success that he has been continually building with his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, which has been taking up a lot more of his focus.

Although he is still part of the organization, Joe Rogan has said that he will leave the Ultimate Fighting Championship if Dana White ever does. He is so serious about this, that he even has a clause in his contract that says that he can leave without violating any other terms if Dana White is ever no longer employed by them.

Do Dana White and Joe Rogan Have a Personal Relationship?

Dana White and Joe have a relationship that is personal as well as professional. Both refer to the other as friends, and Rogan especially has expressed a very strong loyalty toward White on multiple occasions. Although their relationship started through work, it has evolved into something much greater during the two decades that the two men have known one another.

Dana White has appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience twice. He was a guest on the podcast’s 327th episode in 2013 and then once more on the 723rd episode, which aired in 2015. These two appearances have given the public a look at their relationship, with the men talking about more than just the UFC or MMA in general, as friends would.

Most recently, Joe Rogan has refused to publicly condemn Dana White around the controversy around a video of White assaulting his wife. Although White is seen slapping his wife twice in the video after she slapped him while both had been drinking, Rogan has said that he would never speak ill of him.

Rogan addressed this in detail, calling Dana White his “brother”. Saying that he “won’t ever say anything negative about [his] friends,” and that he will not present any “objective journalism” when the topic is one of his loved ones. As this is not the first time that he has defended White in this way, it is clear that they have a very strong relationship.

Final Thoughts

A lot of people are aware that the professional relationship between Dana White and Joe Rogan has been a huge part of UFC’s growth and success. But today we have learned that the two men also have a very close personal relationship, with Rogan even describing White as a “brother.”

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