You might have heard about the infamous podcast “Call Her Daddy,” which started as a joint venture between two close friends, Alex Cooper and Sofia Franklyn, and quickly escalated into one of the most talked-about internet dramas. This article delves into the details of what happened between Alex Cooper and Sofia and how their friendship took a turn for the worse.

what happened between alex cooper and sofia

The Birth of "Call Her Daddy"

In 2018, two friends, Alex Cooper and Sofia Franklyn, joined forces to create the “Call Her Daddy” podcast. Their candid discussions about relationships, sex, and dating soon garnered a massive following. The podcast’s raw and unfiltered nature attracted millions of listeners, making it one of the most popular podcasts on the internet.

Tensions Rise: The Start of the Drama

The first sign of trouble between the two co-hosts appeared in April 2020 when they announced a hiatus from their regular podcast schedule. At the time, they cited “contract negotiations” as the reason for their break. Little did the fans know, this was just the beginning of a tumultuous series of events that would ultimately lead to the downfall of their friendship.

As rumors and speculations swirled around the internet, it became clear that the situation was more complicated than a simple contract negotiation. Behind the scenes, Alex and Sofia were having disagreements over the podcast’s direction, management, and financial arrangements.

The Barstool Sports Contract

Before diving into what happened between Alex Cooper and Sofia, it’s crucial to understand their podcast’s association with Barstool Sports. In 2018, the duo signed a contract with the media company, which provided them with a platform and resources to grow their podcast. However, as the podcast’s popularity skyrocketed, the co-hosts started to feel undervalued and underpaid.

The Divide: Alex and Sofia's Differing Opinions

The tension between Alex and Sofia became evident when they started discussing the possibility of renegotiating their contracts with Barstool Sports. According to multiple sources, Alex was more interested in securing a better deal with Barstool, while Sofia preferred exploring opportunities with other networks.

The renegotiation process exposed the rift between the two friends, as Alex was willing to work with Barstool Sports’ founder, Dave Portnoy, to reach a new agreement. Sofia, on the other hand, was less inclined to negotiate and was actively seeking other options.

What Happened Between Alex Cooper and Sofia: The Peter Nelson Factor

One of the significant factors that contributed to the discord between Alex and Sofia was the involvement of Sofia’s then-boyfriend, Peter Nelson, an HBO executive. It was alleged that Nelson played a significant role in Sofia’s decision-making process and encouraged her to seek a more lucrative contract elsewhere.

This further strained the friendship, as Alex felt that Nelson’s involvement was interfering with their podcast’s success and the renegotiation process with Barstool Sports.

The Breaking Point: Alex's Solo Deal with Barstool

In May 2020, things came to a head when Alex Cooper announced that she had reached a new agreement with Barstool Sports without Sofia. The new contract granted Alex full ownership of the “Call Her Daddy” brand, while Sofia was left with no involvement in the podcast. This decision marked the end of their partnership and triggered a wave of reactions from fans and the media.

The Aftermath: Public Reactions and Social Media Drama

As news of the fallout between Alex Cooper and Sofia Franklyn spread, their fans and the general public took sides, with many expressing support for either Alex or Sofia. Social media platforms, especially Twitter and Instagram, became battlegrounds for heated debates and discussions around the topic.

Both Alex and Sofia took to social media to share their sides of the story. In a candid episode of “Call Her Daddy,” Alex opened up about the negotiations, her friendship with Sofia, and the reasons behind their falling out. She expressed disappointment in how their friendship had deteriorated and revealed that she had made several attempts to reconcile with Sofia, to no avail.

Meanwhile, Sofia released her own statement on Instagram, where she claimed that she had been blindsided by Alex’s decision to sign a new contract with Barstool without her. She also accused Alex of being dishonest about the extent of her involvement in the negotiations.

Life After the Fallout: New Beginnings

Despite the drama and the end of their friendship, both Alex and Sofia have moved on to new ventures. Alex Cooper continues to host the “Call Her Daddy” podcast, which remains a popular source of entertainment and discussion for millions of listeners. With the support of Barstool Sports, Alex has successfully taken the podcast to new heights, securing high-profile guests and expanding the brand’s reach.

On the other hand, Sofia Franklyn launched her own podcast called “Sofia with an F” in October 2020. The podcast showcases Sofia’s perspective on various topics, including relationships, mental health, and pop culture. Although it may not have achieved the same level of success as “Call Her Daddy,” it has managed to carve out its own niche in the podcasting world.

Conclusion: What Happened Between Alex Cooper and Sofia

The story of what happened between Alex Cooper and Sofia Franklyn serves as a cautionary tale about the complexities of mixing friendship and business. The fallout between the co-hosts of the “Call Her Daddy” podcast not only marked the end of their close bond but also ignited one of the most talked-about internet dramas in recent times.

While both Alex and Sofia have moved on to new projects, their story remains a fascinating case study for fans and followers alike. It’s a stark reminder that, despite the glitz and glamour of internet fame, personal relationships can still be susceptible to misunderstandings, miscommunications, and the pressures of the entertainment industry.

So, the next time you find yourself engrossed in an episode of “Call Her Daddy” or “Sofia with an F,” take a moment to reflect on the story behind the drama and appreciate the resilience and determination it takes to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the digital world.