The celebrity world is a fascinating arena that often leaves fans wondering about the relationships between their favorite stars. A common question that has surfaced repeatedly is “Is Luke Perry related to Matthew Perry?” This question has been asked so frequently that it’s about time we explored the depth of the Perry conundrum and put this mystery to rest.

is luke perry related to matthew perry

Who Is Luke Perry?

Luke Perry, fondly remembered for his role as Dylan McKay on the popular 90s television series “Beverly Hills, 90210,” was born Coy Luther Perry III. His captivating performances and undeniable charm made him a staple in the world of television and film. Perry’s work included roles in movies like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “8 Seconds,” and more recently, he played Fred Andrews on the CW hit “Riverdale” before his unfortunate passing in 2019.

The Matthew Perry Connection

On the other hand, Matthew Perry is best known for his role as Chandler Bing in the globally adored sitcom “Friends.” Born as Matthew Langford Perry, his witty humor and unique personality have been etched into the hearts of fans worldwide. Apart from “Friends,” Matthew Perry has had successful stints in films like “Fools Rush In,” “The Whole Nine Yards,” and showcased his dramatic skills in the television series “The West Wing.”

Are Luke Perry and Matthew Perry Related?

Given their shared surname and their prominent positions within the entertainment industry, it’s easy to see why fans might speculate a familial connection. However, it is essential to note that ‘Perry’ is a relatively common surname and does not automatically indicate a relationship.

To answer the question definitively: No, Luke Perry and Matthew Perry are not related. They both hail from different families and have different roots. Luke Perry was born and raised in Mansfield, Ohio, while Matthew Perry spent his early years in Williamstown, Massachusetts, before moving to Ottawa, Canada. Their paths in the entertainment industry may have crossed, but their familial lines did not.

Why Does This Misconception Persist?

The confusion likely stems from their shared last name and their simultaneous rise to fame in the 90s. Luke Perry’s breakthrough in “Beverly Hills, 90210” occurred around the same time Matthew Perry was making waves with “Friends.” The coincidental timing, coupled with the shared surname, likely contributed to the ongoing misconception.


While both Luke Perry and Matthew Perry have made significant contributions to television and film, they are not related. They are individual talents who just so happen to share a last name. So, the next time someone asks, “Is Luke Perry related to Matthew Perry?” you can confidently clear up the confusion. Despite the shared surname and fame, these two stars shine from different corners of the entertainment universe.