The Tim Ferriss Show #652 – Tim Ferriss & Bill Gurley on Investing Rules, Insights from Jeff Bezos, Must-Read Books, & More.

Tim Ferriss is a self-experimenter and bestselling author, best known for The 4-Hour Workweek, which has been translated into 40+ languages. Newsweek calls him “the world’s best human guinea pig,” and The New York Times calls him “a cross between Jack Welch and a Buddhist monk.” In this show, he deconstructs world-class performers from eclectic areas (investing, chess, pro sports, etc.), digging deep to find the tools, tactics, and tricks that listeners can use.

Tim Ferriss Bill Gurley

Bill Gurley

Bill Gurley is an American businessman. He is a general partner at Benchmark, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm in Menlo Park, California. He is listed consistently on the Forbes Midas List and is considered one of technology’s top dealmakers. Gurley received his Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of Texas McCombs School of Business in 1993. Gurley was a partner at Hummer Winblad Venture Partners. He had also spent four years on Wall Street as a research analyst, including three years at CS First Boston. He was considered “one of Wall Street’s premier technology analysts." He covered companies including Dell, Compaq and Microsoft and was the lead analyst on the IPO. At Benchmark, Gurley has led investments in and holds board seats on Brighter, DogVacay, Good Eggs, GrubHub, HackerOne, Linden Lab, LiveOps, Nextdoor, OpenTable, Sailthru, Scale Computing, Stitch Fix, Vessel, and Zillow.

Books Mentioned in this Podcast with Tim Ferriss & Bill Gurley:

Competitive Strategy

One Up on Wall Street

The Rational Optimist


Shoe Dog

Think Twice

The Innovator’s Dilemma



How Innovation Works

The Cathedral & the Bazaar

Snow Crash


Mr. China

Red Notice


The Sports Gene

Thinking Fast and Slow