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Matt Rife

Matt Rife is an American comedian and actor, born on September 10, 1995, in Columbus, Ohio. Rife began his stand-up comedy career at a young age, performing in local comedy clubs. His youthful energy and unique perspective quickly caught the attention of the comedy world. Rife's big break came when he was featured on MTV's "Wild 'N Out," hosted by Nick Cannon. His performance on the show showcased his quick wit and charisma, making him a fan favorite. In addition to "Wild 'N Out," Rife has appeared on other television shows, including "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and MTV's "Acting Out." He also took part in the reality show "Bring the Funny." His comedy style blends observational humor with personal experiences, resonating with a diverse audience. Rife continues to tour, performing stand-up across the United States, and is known for his engaging stage presence and sharp comedic timing. His dedication to his craft and ability to connect with audiences make him a rising star in the comedy world.

The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast #401 with Matt Rife

In the 401st episode of the Jordan B. Peterson Podcast, guest Matt Rife, a young and provocative comedian, engages in a fascinating discussion about comedy, societal taboos, and the complexities of navigating modern culture as a comedian. This article, the first in a three-part series, delves into the initial third of their conversation, exploring themes of comedic intuition, audience dynamics, and the impact of social media on comedy.

The Essence of Comedy and Audience Dynamics

Rife begins by discussing the intuitive nature of comedy, emphasizing that a comedian’s immediate response often resonates more authentically with the audience. He underlines the importance of timing and the connection between the comedian and the audience. Rife believes that the essence of comedy lies in capturing the moment with the most pointed humor, tailored to the audience’s wavelength.

Peterson and Rife then explore the idea of rebellion against societal norms. They discuss the scale of opposition Rife faces, attributing the criticism largely to a vocal minority. Rife notes that a significant portion of his critics doesn’t align with his humor or personality, highlighting the subjective nature of comedy.

Navigating Public Perception and Controversy

The conversation shifts to public perception and controversy. Rife talks about facing criticism for his comedic style, which often pushes boundaries. He expresses a desire for people to understand the comedic intent rather than focusing solely on the content. Peterson agrees, emphasizing the importance of context in comedy.

Rife shares his journey into comedy, starting as a teenager. He describes his transition from performing in local clubs to gaining national recognition. His experiences in different environments, particularly harsher comedy clubs, helped hone his skills and resilience.

The Impact of Social Media on Comedy

The dialogue takes a turn towards the impact of social media on comedy. Rife expresses concerns about the negativity prevalent on platforms like Twitter, where comedians often face backlash for their jokes. He contrasts this with the direct, often positive, interactions he has with audiences at live shows.

The first part of the podcast concludes with Rife reflecting on the evolution of his comedy style, his experiences with diverse audiences, and the challenges of maintaining authenticity in the face of social media scrutiny.

The Nature of Comedy and Societal Impact

In the second part of the Jordan B. Peterson Podcast #401, the conversation with comedian Matt Rife further explores the nuances of comedy, its impact on society, and the personal journey of a comedian. This article continues to dissect the intricate dialogue between Peterson and Rife, providing insights into the world of comedy.

Comedy as Rebellion and Personal Evolution

Rife discusses the rebellious nature of comedy, particularly in response to societal norms and expectations. He reflects on his journey into comedy, starting as a teenager, and how facing criticism and controversy has shaped his comedic style. Rife shares his experiences in different comedy environments, noting how harsher clubs helped hone his resilience and skills. This segment highlights the evolution of a comedian’s style and the importance of maintaining authenticity in the face of challenges.

The Role of Social Media in Comedy

The impact of social media on comedy forms a significant part of their discussion. Rife expresses his concerns about the negativity prevalent on platforms like Twitter, contrasting it with the positive interactions at live shows. He reflects on how social media scrutiny has influenced his approach to comedy and audience engagement.

Navigating the World of Comedy

Rife and Peterson delve into the world of professional comedy, discussing Rife’s path from local comedy clubs to national recognition. They explore the dynamics of audience interaction, the process of developing comedy material, and how comedians navigate public perception and criticism. This part of the conversation provides a deeper understanding of the complexities and pressures faced by comedians in the modern era.

Deep Dive into Comedy and Personal Growth

In the final third of Jordan B. Peterson’s Podcast #401, Matt Rife, a rising comedian, continues his profound conversation with Peterson. This segment offers an in-depth look into the world of comedy, personal growth, and the societal response to humor.

Exploring Comedic Boundaries and Personal Experiences

Rife shares his perspective on the nature of comedy, emphasizing its role as a form of rebellion against societal norms and expectations. He discusses how his personal experiences, starting from his teenage years, have shaped his approach to comedy, helping him develop resilience against criticism and controversy.

The conversation also delves into the impact of social media on public perception and the comedy industry. Rife expresses his concerns about the negative influence of platforms like Twitter, contrasting it with the more direct and positive interactions at live shows.

Comedy as a Reflection of Society

Rife and Peterson explore how comedy reflects society’s taboos and boundaries. They discuss the role of comedians in pushing these boundaries and the importance of context in understanding and appreciating humor. The dialogue highlights how comedy can serve as a mirror to society, revealing its hypocrisies and absurdities.

The Evolution of Rife’s Comedy Style

Rife reflects on the evolution of his comedy style, sharing insights into how he navigates the challenges of maintaining authenticity in a world increasingly influenced by social media. He talks about the process of developing comedy material and how audience reactions play a crucial role in shaping his performances.


This final part of the podcast offers a rich exploration of the complexities of comedy and its intersection with society, culture, and personal growth. Rife’s journey from a young comedian to a recognized name in the industry provides valuable insights into the art and craft of comedy.

The conversation between Peterson and Rife is a compelling narrative of humor, resilience, and the power of comedy to reflect and challenge societal norms.