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Saeed Al Nazari

Saeed Al Nazari, born in 1991 in Dubai, is a prominent figure in the United Arab Emirates' youth development and innovation sectors. He currently serves as the Director General of the Federal Youth Authority of the UAE, the Executive Director of the Youth at the UAE Prime Minister’s Office, and the Chief Strategy Officer of the Arab Youth Center. Al Nazari has played a pivotal role in overseeing more than fifty national projects, significantly contributing to the development of the National Youth Agenda and the Emirati Youth Empowerment Model in the UAE. In addition to his roles in government, Al Nazari is also involved in various other organizations. He is the director general of ThinkHR and Leo New Media, holds the position of Global Innovation Ambassador for the Global Innovation Management Institute, and is the President of the Global Happiness Organization in the UAE. He is also the founder of the Qada Leadership Club. Educationally, Al Nazari is highly qualified, with a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Corporate Entrepreneurship, and a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Administration and Human Resources Management from the Higher Colleges of Technology. He is also an alumnus of the prestigious Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Scholars Program at New York University Abu Dhabi. His educational background and diverse roles reflect his commitment to leadership, innovation, and youth empowerment in the UAE.

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Jordan B. Peterson Podcast #400 with Saeed Al Nazari - Introduction to the UAE's Vision and Growth

In episode 400 of the Jordan B. Peterson podcast, the renowned psychologist converses with His Excellency Saeed Al Nazari, the Secretary General of Great Arab Minds. The dialogue unfolds an insightful narrative about the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) extraordinary transformation from a barren desert to a beacon of modernity and innovation.

The Genesis of the UAE

The episode begins with a historical overview of the UAE, emphasizing its humble beginnings in 1962. Al Nazari eloquently narrates the country’s journey, highlighting the significant challenges it faced, including geopolitical instability, harsh climate, and rudimentary infrastructure. Despite these hurdles, the UAE, through visionary leadership and unyielding perseverance, has become a symbol of security, diversity, and prosperity, hosting over 200 nationalities.

Foundational Values and Visionary Leadership

Central to the UAE’s success story is its founding vision of unity and hope. The country’s first leader, Sheikh Zayed, is portrayed as a visionary who believed in the power of unity. Al Nazari discusses the values and traditions that shaped the UAE, emphasizing the importance of transforming challenges into opportunities. He illustrates how the UAE’s strategic location was leveraged to establish it as a global hub, bridging East and West.

Economic Development and Diversification

A key focus of the conversation is the UAE’s economic evolution. Contrary to relying solely on oil wealth, the UAE strategically diversified its economy, with cities like Dubai now deriving a minimal percentage of their GDP from oil. This economic transformation is attributed to comprehensive planning, embracing globalization, and nurturing homegrown companies and talent.

Youth Empowerment and Education

Al Nazari sheds light on the UAE’s efforts in empowering young Emiratis through education and entrepreneurial development. The country’s unique vision is not just about economic growth but also about cultivating a generation capable of sustaining and enhancing these achievements.

Cultural Integrity and Global Identity

Despite its rapid modernization, the UAE has remained steadfast in preserving its cultural identity and values. This balance between progress and tradition is seen as a cornerstone of the country’s success. Al Nazari emphasizes the importance of maintaining these cultural roots while embracing global citizenship.

The UAE's Commitment to Youth and Innovation

The second part of Jordan Peterson’s podcast with His Excellency Saeed Al Nazari, focuses on the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) efforts in youth empowerment, innovation, and its position as a hub of global influence.

Empowering the Youth and Embracing Change

Al Nazari highlights the UAE’s commitment to youth empowerment, showcasing how the country invests in nurturing young talent. The UAE, as he describes, has established a ministerial position dedicated to youth affairs, reflecting the nation’s focus on its future leaders. This section delves into the initiatives and policies aimed at enabling young Emiratis to contribute significantly to their nation’s progress.

Cultural Preservation Amidst Globalization

A significant theme discussed is the balance between embracing modernization and preserving cultural identity. Al Nazari speaks about the UAE’s efforts to maintain its cultural heritage while adapting to global changes. This commitment to cultural integrity, alongside embracing globalization, shapes the UAE’s unique identity on the world stage.

Innovation and Economic Diversification

The conversation touches upon the UAE’s economic strategies, particularly its shift from oil dependence to a diversified economy. Al Nazari explains the nation’s focus on various sectors, such as technology and tourism, demonstrating the UAE’s adaptability and foresight in economic planning.

Role of Women in UAE’s Progress

An important aspect of the discussion is the empowerment of women in the UAE. Al Nazari sheds light on how the UAE has integrated women into various aspects of its society, ensuring their participation in the country’s growth and development. This part of the podcast underscores the nation’s progressive stance on gender equality and women’s rights.

UAE’s International Relations and Influence

Al Nazari also discusses the UAE’s international relations, emphasizing its commitment to establishing positive global partnerships. He speaks about the UAE’s role in promoting peace and stability in the Middle East, reflecting on the nation’s diplomatic endeavors and its impact on regional politics.

The UAE's Vision for the Future and Its Global Impact

In the final part of Jordan B. Peterson’s podcast with Saeed Al Nazari, the conversation delves into the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) aspirations for the future and its burgeoning influence on the global stage.

Adapting to the Digital Age and Preserving Identity

A key theme is the challenge of adapting to the digital age while preserving cultural and national identity. Al Nazari discusses the UAE’s efforts to balance the influx of information and technology with the need to maintain traditional values and a sense of community. The focus is on nurturing a society that is digitally advanced yet rooted in its cultural heritage.

Youth Empowerment and Visionary Leadership

The UAE’s approach to youth empowerment is highlighted, with a particular emphasis on providing young people with opportunities and platforms to voice their opinions and contribute to national development. Al Nazari shares insights into various youth initiatives and the importance of visionary leadership in inspiring and guiding the younger generation.

Women’s Empowerment and Rights

The conversation also touches upon women’s rights in the UAE. Al Nazari elaborates on the significant strides the nation has made in this area, emphasizing the integral role women play in all sectors of society, including government and industry.

International Relations and the Abraham Accords

The podcast explores the UAE’s international relations, particularly its role in the Abraham Accords, which signify a monumental shift towards peace and cooperation in the Middle East. Al Nazari speaks about the UAE’s approach to diplomacy, focusing on tolerance, respect, and mutual understanding.

Challenges and Future Aspirations

Addressing challenges, Al Nazari acknowledges the impact of social media and the importance of preserving national identity amidst global influences. He envisions a future where the UAE continues to lead by example in balancing modernization with cultural preservation. The UAE’s ambition to continue its trajectory as a progressive, innovative, and influential nation is evident in the conversation.


The final segment of the podcast paints a picture of a nation committed to progress, peace, and innovation. The UAE, as described by Al Nazari, is a country that has successfully blended tradition with modernity, creating a unique model for others to follow. The podcast leaves listeners with a sense of hope and optimism for the future, not just for the UAE but for the potential impact of its model on the wider world.