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Josh Alexander is a 17 year old Christian student activist. Josh has been denied an education at the Renfrew County Catholic District School Board since November 2022, after speaking out against the radical left wing gender ideology in schools. After three arrests since February, one having been at his highschool, Josh has continued to publicly uphold his convictions in the face of the rapidly developing censorious state. Nick Alexander is the older brother of Josh Alexander. He has been arrested 3 times and removed from his fire department for exercising his rights to oppose the mainstream narrative. Nick recently made headlines after being assaulted with an edged weapon by union supported counter protestors and then arrested. Together Josh and Nick lead the Save Canada movement as it sweeps the country bringing the message of truth to our youth and providing a rallying point for concerned citizens.

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The Future of Canada – A Conversation with Josh and Nick Alexander on the Jordan B. Peterson Podcast Episode 399

In episode 399 of the Jordan B. Peterson Podcast, Jordan Peterson engaged in a profound discussion with Josh and Nick Alexander, young advocates from the Save Canada organization. This article delves into the key themes and insights from their conversation.

The Attack on the Nuclear Family and Christian Values

Josh and Nick Alexander opened the dialogue by highlighting the ongoing cultural attack on the nuclear family and Christian ideals. They discussed their political activities, which are oriented towards these values, and the challenges they face, including threats, violence, and opposition from mainstream media and law enforcement.

Educational System and Freedom of Expression

The conversation shifted to the Alexanders’ experiences in the Canadian education system. They shared their struggles with school authorities over issues like vaccine mandates and freedom of expression. Josh recounted his suspension for opposing mask mandates and participating in walkouts, reflecting a broader trend of silencing students who challenge the status quo.

The Impact of Lockdowns and Mandates on Youth

The Alexanders expressed concern about the detrimental effects of lockdowns and mandates on young people, citing increased rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide. They stressed the importance of face-to-face interactions and the negative consequences of replacing real-life experiences with virtual ones.

Political Activism and Legal Challenges

The discussion moved to their political activism, including their participation in the Freedom Convoy and the formation of Safe Canada. They described the hostile responses they received, including physical attacks and legal battles. Notably, they highlighted the challenges they faced with law enforcement, who seemed indifferent or even hostile to their cause.

Family Influence and Values

A significant part of the conversation focused on the influence of the Alexander family’s values. Their father, a veteran and school teacher, and their mother, also a teacher, instilled in them strong Christian values. These values, however, led to both parents facing suspensions from their jobs, allegedly due to their association with their sons’ activism.

Educational Journey and Challenges

Josh Alexander discussed his ongoing battle with the educational board. He was barred from school due to his outspoken views against gender ideology and the promotion of LGBTQ+ content in schools. This has led to a prolonged legal battle, with Josh fighting for his right to education and freedom of expression.

Personal Growth and Future Aspirations

Despite these challenges, the Alexanders view their experiences as a catalyst for personal growth and greater involvement in societal issues. They remain committed to advocating for traditional values and freedoms in Canada, seeing their journey as not just a personal battle but a fight for the future of their country.


The conversation with Josh and Nick Alexander on the Jordan B. Peterson Podcast highlights the complexities of advocating for traditional values in a rapidly changing cultural and political landscape. Their story is a testament to the struggles and resilience of young activists facing opposition in their quest to preserve the core values they believe are fundamental to the well-being of society.