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Eric Edmeades

Eric Edmeades is a renowned entrepreneur, author, and international speaker, recognized for his expertise in business systems and health transformations. As the founder of WildFit and BusinessFreedom, Edmeades has empowered thousands globally, promoting healthier lifestyles and strategic business practices. He has featured at global platforms like TEDx and Mindvalley University, sharing insights on diet evolution and entrepreneurship. Edmeades is also known for his engaging storytelling, inspiring audiences with his transformative experiences. His commitment to fostering personal growth and business success makes him a sought-after authority in his field. Eric Edmeades continues to influence global audiences, embodying the spirit of innovation and wellness.

Books Mentioned in the Jordan B Peterson Podcast #374 with Eric Edmeades & Jordan Peterson

Book Title: The Ultimate Sales Machine: Turbocharge Your Business with Relentless Focus on 12 Key Strategies

Author: Chet Holmes

Embracing Life's Journey: Insights from Eric Edmeades

In an engaging conversation with Jordan Peterson, Eric Edmeades shares his wisdom on life's adventures and the inevitable trials and errors that accompany them. The discussion delves deep into the challenges and rewards of sales, marketing, and personal growth.

Sales and Marketing: Overcoming the Fear of Rejection

One of the fundamental hurdles in sales and marketing is the fear of rejection. Eric Edmeades sheds light on this common apprehension, emphasizing the importance of perspective. To him, the fear of rejection, especially when genuinely believing in one's product or service, can be seen as selfish, limiting the potential positive impact on prospective clients.

The Power of Belief in One's Offering

Belief in what one is offering is crucial in sales and marketing. If one truly believes in the value and potential of their product or service, temporary setbacks like rejection become minor obstacles. Edmeades encourages listeners to prioritize the value they bring to others over fleeting moments of discomfort.

Personal Growth Through Trial and Error

Life is a series of trials, errors, and adventures. Embracing this journey, with its ups and downs, is essential for personal growth and development. Eric Edmeades delves into the significance of learning from failures and the importance of resilience in the face of adversity.


Eric Edmeades' insights provide a fresh perspective on the challenges and rewards of life's journey. From sales to personal growth, his wisdom encourages listeners to embrace every experience, learn from setbacks, and celebrate successes. This episode serves as a source of inspiration for those seeking growth, adventure, and fulfillment.