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Eric Edmeades

Eric Edmeades is a renowned entrepreneur, author, and international speaker, recognized for his expertise in business systems and health transformations. As the founder of WildFit and BusinessFreedom, Edmeades has empowered thousands globally, promoting healthier lifestyles and strategic business practices. He has featured at global platforms like TEDx and Mindvalley University, sharing insights on diet evolution and entrepreneurship. Edmeades is also known for his engaging storytelling, inspiring audiences with his transformative experiences. His commitment to fostering personal growth and business success makes him a sought-after authority in his field. Eric Edmeades continues to influence global audiences, embodying the spirit of innovation and wellness.

Books Mentioned in the Jordan B Peterson Podcast #374 with Eric Edmeades & Jordan Peterson

Book Title: The Ultimate Sales Machine: Turbocharge Your Business with Relentless Focus on 12 Key Strategies

Author: Chet Holmes

Jordan B. Peterson Podcast #374: Embracing Challenges and Change – Lessons from Eric Edmeades

In the fascinating Jordan B. Peterson Podcast #374, serial entrepreneur and public speaker Eric Edmeades discusses his life’s journey with host Jordan Peterson. From early experiences of homelessness to his triumphs in entrepreneurship, Edmeades’ story is a remarkable tale of resilience, adaptability, and the power of facing life’s adversities head-on.

Overcoming Fear and Embracing Rejection

The conversation opens with a profound insight into sales and marketing, where Edmeades emphasizes the importance of overcoming the fear of rejection. He asserts that being afraid of rejection is selfish if you believe in what you’re selling. The discomfort of a momentary rejection is trivial compared to the potential benefits your product or service can offer someone over a lifetime.

The Early Years: Struggles and Adventures

Edmeades’ journey began with a tumultuous childhood, marked by his family’s immigration from apartheid-era South Africa to Canada. His early years were a roller coaster of experiences, including a period of homelessness at 15 in Northern Canada. This challenging time, however, taught him resilience and the importance of taking responsibility for his existence.

The Turnaround: Boarding School and Emancipation

Edmeades discusses his time at a demanding boarding school and the transformation he underwent there. Despite the tough conditions, it was at this school that he learned valuable life lessons and developed a strong sense of self-reliance, laying the foundation for his later successes.

Entrepreneurial Beginnings and Lessons in Sales

Edmeades’ career as an entrepreneur took off when he started working at a tech company specializing in barcode equipment. He attributes his success in sales to his ability to build relationships and trust with clients, emphasizing the importance of understanding and addressing their needs rather than aggressively pushing for a sale.

Transforming Challenges into Triumphs – The Eric Edmeades Story

In the second part of Jordan B. Peterson’s Podcast #374, Eric Edmeades continues to share his captivating journey from a challenging childhood to becoming a successful entrepreneur and public speaker. This section delves into how Edmeades transformed his hardships into opportunities for growth and success.

Discovering a Passion for Teaching and Health

Edmeades discusses his initial aspiration to become a teacher, inspired by a remarkable grade three instructor. However, the lack of respect and economic reward in the teaching profession led him to pursue other ventures. Later in life, after achieving business success, Edmeades found a way to merge his entrepreneurial skills with his passion for teaching. He began educating business clients about health and nutrition, stemming from his personal health transformation after attending a Tony Robbins seminar.

The Birth of WildFit

Realizing the power of combining nutritional principles with behavioral change dynamics, Edmeades developed a 90-day program called WildFit. This program, initially a hobby, became a global success, helping people transform their lives through diet and lifestyle changes. His approach, emphasizing the importance of understanding human evolution and instincts in relation to modern food choices, led to significant health improvements for his clients.

Recognition and Expansion

Edmeades’ work did not go unnoticed. His contributions to improving lives through WildFit earned him a medal from the Canadian Senate, recognizing him as an unsung hero. This recognition further fueled his mission, leading to opportunities for clinical trials in a country free from food and drug lobbyists’ influence.

Leveraging Public Speaking for Broader Impact

Edmeades capitalized on his public speaking skills to amplify his message. His ability to communicate effectively opened doors for him to teach and influence on larger platforms. His experience replacing a speaker at a Tony Robbins event in Fiji was a turning point, leading to more speaking engagements and the opportunity to spread his message of health and nutrition more widely.

Navigating a Path of Purpose and Impact 

In the final third of the Jordan B. Peterson Podcast #374, Eric Edmeades expands on his journey of personal and professional growth. This segment focuses on Edmeades’ profound realizations about life, health, and the significance of understanding human evolution in the context of modern challenges.

Rewilding: A Key to Personal Health

Edmeades delves into the concept of “rewilding” as a means to address modern health issues. He argues that many health problems arise from a mismatch between our Stone Age genetics and the modern environment. This perspective led him to create WildFit, a program aimed at aligning our diet and lifestyle with our evolutionary heritage.

Addressing the Global Health Crisis

The success of WildFit has not only transformed individual lives but also caught the attention of governments. Edmeades shares an instance where a senator, impressed by his work, invited him to address the health crisis at a national level. This opportunity underscores the growing recognition of the need for evolutionary-based approaches to modern health problems.

The Power of Effective Communication

Throughout the podcast, Edmeades emphasizes the importance of communication skills, particularly in public speaking. He credits his success in various fields, including entrepreneurship and health education, to his ability to effectively convey complex ideas and inspire action.

Learning from Life’s Challenges

Reflecting on his journey, Edmeades notes how his challenging experiences, from his troubled childhood to business obstacles, have shaped his perspective and approach to life. These experiences have ingrained in him a sense of resilience and a commitment to over-delivering value in every endeavor.


Eric Edmeades’ story, as revealed in his conversation with Jordan Peterson, is a compelling example of how embracing challenges, understanding our evolutionary roots, and mastering communication can lead to a life of purpose and impact. His journey from overcoming personal health issues to influencing global health policies through WildFit exemplifies the power of turning adversities into opportunities for growth and success.