The Jordan B Peterson Podcast #357 – Brian Roemmele & Jordan Peterson

Brian Roemmele Jordan Peterson

Brian Roemmele

Brian Roemmele, recognized as a visionary and thought leader in the voice technology space, is the founder of Voice First Expert and Multiply Labs. With over three decades of experience in science, technology, and payments, his insights have shaped the way we interact with voice-controlled devices. Roemmele is often credited with coining the term 'Voice First', reflecting his advocacy for voice-based interactions as the future of human-computer communication. His expertise extends to AI, quantum computing, and the intersection of technology and consciousness. An influential speaker and prolific writer, Roemmele shares his forecasts and analyses through numerous platforms, including Quora and his own publication, 'Read Multiplex'. Brian Roemmele's pioneering work continues to influence the trajectory of voice technology and artificial intelligence worldwide.

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