The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast #349 – Dr. Scott Jensen & Jordan Peterson

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Dr. Scott Jensen

Scott M. Jensen, an American physician and politician, is a prominent figure in Minnesota's political and healthcare landscape. Born on November 19, 1954, and a member of the Republican Party, he served as a Minnesota Senator from 2017 to 2021, and was the Republican gubernatorial nominee in the 2022 election. Raised in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, Jensen earned his M.D. from the University of Minnesota and now practices family medicine at his Watertown clinic. He contributed to the community as a Waconia school board member in the 1990s and 2000s before representing Carver County in the state Senate. Initially considered a moderate, his views shifted rightward post-legislature, notably criticizing COVID-19 lockdowns and spreading anti-vaccine misinformation. In 2021, Jensen pursued the Minnesota gubernatorial seat, selecting ex-football player Matt Birk as his running mate. Despite securing the Republican nomination, Jensen and Birk lost to Governor Tim Walz and Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan in the general election.

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Dr. Jensen's Background and Disillusionment with Senate

In episode #349 of Jordan Peterson’s podcast, he hosts Dr. Scott Jensen, an American physician, and former Republican member of the Minnesota Senate. The episode covers a range of topics, including Dr. Jensen’s background, COVID-19, and his bid for Governor of Minnesota. This summary provides an overview of the conversation.

COVID-19 Context and Death Certificates

The podcast begins with Dr. Jensen’s background (2:56), discussing his career in medicine and politics. He shares his disillusionment with the Senate (5:05) before delving into the context of COVID-19 (5:59). The conversation moves to adjusting death certificates (6:25), exploring the motives behind the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) pushing this narrative (9:55) and the reliability of the federal registry (11:37).

Facing Backlash and Cancel Culture

Dr. Jensen recounts his experience in the limelight (13:14), facing backlash for his views on COVID-19. He mentions Dr. Jay Bhattacharya (19:49), a fellow physician who faced cancellation for challenging the mainstream narrative. The importance of due diligence and choosing to speak out (23:30) is also addressed, as well as the role of medical boards and their complaint obligations (25:40).

Investigations and Legal Issues

The podcast discusses the six investigations into Dr. Jensen’s patient records (31:12) and the necessity of having a lawyer (34:28). Going public with his story (38:24), Dr. Jensen examines the line between professional practice and free speech (41:52), as well as the impact on his bid for Governor (44:17). The conversation touches on the unknown standards of behavior (47:40) and trauma response (50:28).

The Need for Disagreeability and Mixed Reactions

Dr. Jensen emphasizes the need for disagreeability (53:24) and the mixed reactions of opposition and silent support (55:55). The podcast delves into character denigration (58:30) and Abigail Shrier’s experience with accusatory power (1:00:42). Dr. Jensen reflects on being painted as extreme (1:03:38) and the importance of the presumption of innocence (1:05:54).

Weaponization of Regulatory Agencies and the Great Barrington Declaration

The episode covers vague allegations (1:09:43) and the distinction between misinformation and disinformation (1:14:44). Dr. Jensen shares his refusal to apologize, seeing it as proof of targeting (1:16:16), and discusses the weaponization of regulatory agencies (1:20:01). The Great Barrington Declaration (1:23:13), signed by 47,000 medical practitioners, is mentioned as evidence of dissent within the medical community.

Dr. Peterson's Fight in Ontario and Ivermectin Safety

Dr. Peterson shares his own fight in Ontario (1:24:05) and emphasizes the safety of Ivermectin (1:26:47). The podcast concludes with discussions on the minimum standard of care (1:28:55), the inevitability of facing such challenges (1:31:53), the importance of filming proceedings (1:35:28), and the necessity of fighting back (1:38:40).


This comprehensive summary of Jordan Peterson’s podcast with Dr. Scott Jensen provides an overview of the key topics discussed, including the challenges faced by medical professionals who question the mainstream narrative on COVID-19 and the importance of maintaining the principles of free speech and the presumption of innocence.