The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast #335 – Jordan Peterson & Christopher Rufo

Topics Discussed: Left to right, education and life experience, Pareto distribution, 5 years observing inequality, Ultimate irony, Presumptions of Marxism, When distribution is the miracle of progress, Money doesn’t solve poverty, Being shunned from documentary world, Open arms of right, Watching what you say, Under leftist institutional control, Trait openness, perverse orthodoxy, Relying on implicit, clarifying ethos, Rush Limbaugh, Babylon Bee, Aristophanes, New world run by Berkeley grads, Identity politics: new Marxist experiment, Intersectionality or caste system?, Derrick Bell, racial pessimism, Conscientiousness, white supremacy, Kimberlé Crenshaw, causal pathways, Ron Desantis, legislative moves, Institutional capture, Biggest problem in academia, Change must be in law, Moral framework, defining change, Quantifying merit, hiring quotas, John Locke appalled.

Jordan Peterson Christopher Rufo

Christopher Rufo

Christopher Rufo is a conservative writer and filmmaker known for his work on issues related to critical race theory and identity politics. He has been a vocal critic of left-wing ideology and its impact on American institutions. During his appearances on podcasts and in interviews, Rufo has discussed a range of topics, including education, poverty, Marxism, and the influence of identity politics in academia and politics. He has argued that institutions, such as universities and media outlets, have been captured by the left and that this has resulted in a narrowing of acceptable discourse and a stifling of dissenting opinions. Rufo has also spoken about the need for change to be written into law and the importance of a moral framework when defining change.

Books Mentioned in this Podcast with Jordan Peterson & Christopher Rufo:

Book Title: America’s Cultural Revolution – How The Radical Left Conquered Everything

Author: Christopher F. Rufo

Book Title: Black Girls Matter: Pushed Out, Overpoliced And Underprotected

Author: Kimberle Crenshaw