The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast #333 – Jordan Peterson & Konstantin Kisin

Topics Discussed: Vision for the future, the Oxford debate, Apocalyptic moralism, Western privilege, the liberals lack a prolonged vision, Comedy and the shift toward detriment, Standing on the wealth of humanity, Solutions and tradeoffs, With the death of God, Don’t do nothing: some things to do, False religions and bad religions, Pathological belief and atonement, Brief and lasting unity, Abraham: leaving your comfort, Exodus: into the desert, Is the animating spirit God or intuition?, Faith in… something, Socrates, radically humble, Jung, self, god within, Christ as the logos, Richard Dawkins, microcosms, Anger, collective unconscious, Hypnosis, deep trance identification, Organized religion, degeneration, Wilbur Wilberforce, God and submission, Jung, the superordinate identity, To agree on truth, To cope with death, The voice of intuition, Coherent principles, Where the left is right, The death of inherent truth, Dawkins, intersectional wokeness, The breaking point, Cane and Able, ARC, the time for a positive vision is now.

Jordan Peterson Konstantin Kisin

Konstantin Kisin

Konstantin Kisin is a Russian-British satirist, podcaster, author and political commentator. Kisin has written for a number of publications including Quillette, The Spectator, The Daily Telegraph and Standpoint on issues relating to tech censorship, woke culture, comedy and "culture war" topics in the past but currently publishes articles on these subjects on his Substack. He has co-hosted Triggernometry since 2018, a YouTube channel and podcast featuring fellow comedian and co-host Francis Foster.

Books Mentioned in this Podcast with Jordan Peterson & Konstantin Kisin:

Book Title: An Immigrant’s Love Letter to the West

Author: Konstantin Kisin

Book Title: The Population Bomb

Author: Dr. Paul Ehrlich

Book Title: Fossil Future

Author: Alex Epstein

Book Title: Maps of Meaning

Author: Jordan B. Peterson

Book Title: 12 Rules For Life

Author: Jordan B. Peterson