The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast #330 – Jordan Peterson & Roy Sebag

Topics Discussed in #330 – Jordan Peterson & Roy Sebag: Early Investing, writing Warren Buffet, Aiming for Alpha, Old-school views of macroeconomics, Stocks versus commodities, Stocks against time, Why value investing is insufficient, What constitutes value, Economics as a means of truth, Elitism in trading, Mining and call options, Buying toward intrinsic utility, Permanence and decay, Abundance and intrinsic value, The allure of gold, the growing shortage, At odds with modern economics, A theology of wealth, material and spiritual, Let nature take its course, Returns from the land, working with it, The two classes, artisans and aristocrats, Proxy commodities: emblems and essence, Pre and post subsistence , Jewelry as a token of memory, Newton, alchemy, and the gold standard, You must produce for the privilege to consume, The energy crisis, war in Europe, Order and divine unity, The Natural Order of Money, The natural economy, Work and leisure: a broken balance, Entropy as the degenerative force in nature, Sustainable games, Superior money, Logical errors, The true loss in centralization.

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Roy Sebag

Roy Sebag is an Israeli-Canadian contrarian investor, entrepreneur and author. He is the founder of precious metal savings and payments platform GoldMoney Inc, and serves as Chief Executive Officer. He is also the founder of cryptomining company Bitfarms, Ltd. a publicly traded company on the Toronto Stock Exchange, and served as its CEO until April 2019.

Books Mentioned in this Podcast with Jordan Peterson & Roy Sebag:

Book Title: The Natural Order of Money

Author: Roy Sebag

Book Title: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Author: Robert M. Pirsig

Book Title: The Language of Creation

Author: Matthieu Pageau

Book Title: Super Abundance

Author: Marian L Tupy & Gale L. Pooley