The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast #271 – Jordan Peterson & Magatte Wade

Topics Discussed: 2:11 Magatte Discusses Her Story 29:04 Debunking Myths About African Poverty 40:29 Bottom 10 Countries for Doing Business 48:57 British Common Law 55:42 Ghanaian Economist George Ayittey 1:10:57 Everything Discussed Is Not Mainstream 1:14:23 Climate Change and Overpopulation 1:19:51 If Black Lives Matter…

Jordan Peterson Magatte Wade

Magatte Wade

Magatte Wade is a Cheetah Entrepreneur who believes the Free Markets and economic freedom is the pathway for Africa to leapfrog ahead, with Africans taking the uncontested leading role in the co-creation of 21st century prosperity for all, innovation, culture and technology. My ideas are grounded in reality and my lived experience. The topic areas I am passionate speaking about are the role of free markets in overcoming poverty and the role of enterprise to tackle social issues and entrepreneurial Education.

Books Mentioned in this Podcast with Jordan Peterson & Magatte Wade:

Book Title: The Wealth And Poverty Of Nations – Why Some Are So Rich And Some So Poor

Author: David S. Landes

Book Title: The Mystery Of Capital – Why Capitalism Triumphs In The West And Fails Everywhere Else

Author: Hernando De Soto

Book Title: Superabundance – The Story of Population Growth, Innovation, and Human Flourishing on an Infinitely Bountiful Planet

Author: Marian L. Tupy & Gale L. Pooley