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Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson, born on July 23, 1961, in Midland, Texas, is a versatile actor renowned for his ability to imbue characters with a compelling blend of intensity and charm. Raised in Lebanon, Ohio, Harrelson first gained widespread recognition in the 1980s as Woody Boyd, the endearingly naive bartender in the TV sitcom "Cheers," a role that earned him an Emmy Award. Transitioning effortlessly to film, he displayed his range in diverse roles across genres. Harrelson's portrayal of a psychopath in "Natural Born Killers" and a pornographer in "The People vs. Larry Flynt" earned critical acclaim, showcasing his ability to tackle complex, controversial characters. Harrelson's commitment to environmental activism and veganism reflects his deep concern for the planet and its inhabitants. His off-screen endeavors, including his advocacy for sustainable living, further highlight his multifaceted personality and dedication to making a positive impact beyond the entertainment industry.

SmartLess Podcast Article: Woody Harrelson Interview

The SmartLess podcast, hosted by the comedic trio of Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett, has become a staple in the world of podcasts. Their unique blend of humor, celebrity interviews, and insightful discussions makes each episode a must-listen. In a recent episode, they invited the ever-charismatic Woody Harrelson, an actor known for his versatile roles and captivating screen presence. This article delves into the first part of their engaging conversation.

The Casual Beginnings and the Warmth of Friendship

The episode kicks off with the hosts’ usual banter, setting a relaxed and jovial tone. Their camaraderie is palpable, with light-hearted jokes about holiday spirits and fashion choices. Jason Bateman’s remark about wearing overalls and the hosts’ teasing about his fashion fears is a delightful entry into the episode, showcasing their ability to effortlessly weave humor into any topic.

Woody Harrelson’s Grand Entrance

Woody Harrelson joins the conversation amidst this friendly chatter, instantly blending in with the hosts’ energy. His laid-back demeanor and infectious laugh add to the episode’s warmth. Harrelson’s reminiscing about working with Sean Hayes in “Will and Grace” and their live sitcom performance highlights his versatility as an actor and his ease in transitioning between different genres.

A Dive into Nostalgia and Career Reflections

The discussion takes a nostalgic turn as Harrelson shares his journey on the iconic TV show “Cheers.” His candid recounting of how he landed the role, combined with his reflections on the show’s impact on his career, provides a rare glimpse into the early days of his acting journey. The hosts’ genuine interest in Harrelson’s experiences creates a rich and engaging narrative, inviting listeners into the world of one of television’s most beloved shows.

A Laugh-Filled Discussion on Acting and Life

The conversation effortlessly shifts between various topics, from acting techniques to personal anecdotes. Harrelson’s story about an intense car race experience with Bateman and the ensuing accident adds an element of thrill and humor. The hosts’ curiosity about Harrelson’s approach to acting, especially in high-pressure situations, leads to intriguing insights into the craft.

Exploring Harrelson’s Early Career and His Environmental Advocacy

In the second part of Woody Harrelson’s interview on the SmartLess podcast, the conversation takes a deeper dive into his career beginnings, his environmental activism, and his personal life. This segment offers an intimate look at Harrelson’s journey and beliefs, providing listeners with a more profound understanding of the actor beyond his on-screen persona.

The Start of a Stellar Career: From “Cheers” to Film

The discussion revisits Harrelson’s start in the industry with his role in “Cheers.” He shares the serendipitous story of how he landed the part, revealing a mix of luck and destiny. His reflections on the show’s impact on his career and his transition from television to film offer valuable insights into the entertainment industry’s workings. Harrelson’s candidness about the ups and downs of his career, including the challenges following his role in “The People vs. Larry Flynt,” highlights the unpredictable nature of show business.

Environmental Consciousness and Personal Lifestyle

A significant portion of the conversation focuses on Harrelson’s environmental activism and his vegan lifestyle. He discusses the importance of sustainable living, touching on topics like global warming, the impact of the meat industry, and his efforts to reduce his ecological footprint. His commitment to a raw diet and the logistics of maintaining such a lifestyle while working globally underscore his dedication to his principles.

Harrelson’s Approach to Acting and His Range of Roles

The hosts and Harrelson delve into his approach to acting, discussing his experiences in various roles, from “Natural Born Killers” to “True Detective.” Harrelson reflects on working with other great actors and directors, including his relationship with Matthew McConaughey. His versatility as an actor and his ability to continually reinvent himself emerge as central themes of this segment.

Personal Anecdotes and Humor

Throughout the interview, Harrelson shares personal anecdotes that blend humor and insight. Stories about car races gone awry, parties with unexpected twists, and his experiences with cannabis add a lighter tone to the discussion. These stories not only entertain but also reveal more about Harrelson’s personality and his journey through life.

Delving Deeper into Harrelson’s Beliefs and Personal Life

In the final part of the SmartLess podcast interview with Woody Harrelson, hosts Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett explore more personal aspects of Harrelson’s life, including his environmental activism, dietary choices, and memorable experiences in the film industry. This segment offers an intimate look into the beliefs and experiences that shape Harrelson’s unique perspective on life and his career.

Harrelson’s Environmental Activism and Vegan Lifestyle

A significant portion of the conversation is dedicated to discussing Harrelson’s environmental activism. He expresses deep concern about global warming and the impact of industrial activities on the environment. His commitment to a vegan lifestyle since 1990 and preference for mostly raw food highlight his dedication to sustainable living. Harrelson’s efforts to reduce his ecological footprint, including his use of a biodiesel bus, reflect his commitment to environmental causes.

Reflecting on Career Choices and Experiences

Harrelson shares insights into his career choices and experiences in various iconic roles. From “Cheers” to “Natural Born Killers,” he discusses the unpredictability of the entertainment industry and how certain roles and projects have impacted his career trajectory. He candidly speaks about the challenges he faced after his role in “The People vs. Larry Flynt” and his decision to take a break from acting, which led to a temporary lull in his career.

Personal Anecdotes and Philosophies

Throughout the interview, Harrelson shares personal anecdotes that provide a glimpse into his philosophy of life. He talks about his experiences with cannabis, his approach to acting, and how he manages the stress associated with his profession. His stories, filled with humor and honesty, offer a deeper understanding of his character beyond his public persona.

Harrelson’s Thoughts on the Future and Legacy

The interview concludes with Harrelson expressing his thoughts on the future, both personally and professionally. He discusses his desire to take time off after a busy work schedule and his plans to focus on personal growth and family. Harrelson’s reflections on his legacy and the impact of his work in the film industry leave a lasting impression on the listeners.


The final part of Woody Harrelson’s interview on the SmartLess podcast provides a profound and multifaceted look at the actor. The hosts’ engaging and thoughtful conversation with Harrelson uncovers the depth of his beliefs, his commitment to environmental causes, and the experiences that have shaped his impressive career. This segment is a compelling listen for anyone interested in understanding the man behind the celebrated actor.