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Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning, born on March 24, 1976, in New Orleans, Louisiana, is a legendary American football quarterback. Manning's career in the National Football League (NFL) spans 18 illustrious seasons, primarily with the Indianapolis Colts and later with the Denver Broncos. He's widely regarded as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. During his career, Manning achieved numerous accolades, including five NFL MVP awards and 14 Pro Bowl selections. Known for his exceptional football IQ, precise passing, and leadership on the field, he led his teams to two Super Bowl victories (XLI and 50), earning Super Bowl MVP honors in the latter. Manning also holds numerous NFL records, including most career touchdown passes and passing yards. Off the field, Peyton Manning is admired for his philanthropic efforts, charisma, and sense of humor, which have made him a beloved figure in the world of sports and beyond. His legacy extends far beyond the football field, leaving an indelible mark on the game and the community.

Peyton Manning on SmartLess: A Blend of Humor, Football, and Life Lessons

In a recent episode of the “SmartLess” podcast, hosts Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes welcome NFL legend Peyton Manning. The conversation, filled with humor and insightful anecdotes, delves into Manning’s illustrious football career, his ventures into television, and his personal life. This article covers the first third of the podcast, where Manning shares his experiences and perspectives, blending sports insights with life lessons.

The Manning Cast and Its Genesis

Peyton Manning discusses the origin of the “Manning Cast,” a unique broadcasting approach he embarked on with his brother, Eli Manning. Born out of pandemic-induced remote broadcasting, Peyton envisioned an alternative to traditional sports commentary. This concept evolved into watching games with Eli, offering a casual and personal touch to football analysis. Peyton emphasizes that their primary criterion for guests is a genuine love for football, regardless of their background.

Transition from Football to Television

Manning reflects on his transition from being an NFL quarterback to a television personality. He credits his father, Archie Manning, for preparing him for off-field roles associated with being a quarterback. Peyton’s approach to commercials and acting is rooted in his ability to not take himself too seriously, a trait vital in the NFL locker room. He admits to being coachable and receptive to direction, which has aided his successful foray into television.

Family and Football

 Peyton shares insights into balancing family life with a demanding football career. Contrary to other sports, NFL travel schedules are relatively family-friendly, with limited travel requirements. He highlights the importance of including family in his football journey, just as his father did.

The Art of Play-Calling

A fascinating segment of the conversation revolves around Peyton explaining the complexity of play-calling in football. He details the process, terminology, and the split-second decision-making that goes into each play. His explanation demystifies the intricate language of football, providing listeners with a deeper appreciation of the sport’s strategic depth.

Peyton Manning on SmartLess: Exploring Football Nuances and Life Beyond the Field

Continuing our exploration of the “SmartLess” podcast episode featuring Peyton Manning, we delve deeper into the second third of the conversation. Hosts Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes engage Manning in discussions ranging from the intricacies of football play-calling to his seamless transition from sports to television, and balancing family life with a professional career.

Intricacies of Play-Calling in Football

Peyton Manning offers a detailed explanation of the art of play-calling in football, providing listeners with an insider’s view of the strategic complexities of the game. His description of the terminology and decision-making process during a football play is enlightening, making the sport more accessible to fans and casual listeners alike.

Transition from Sports to Television

Manning’s transition from an NFL quarterback to a television personality is a focal point of the discussion. He attributes his ease in front of the camera to the off-field roles he undertook during his football career and his ability to not take himself too seriously. Manning’s humility and willingness to learn and adapt shine through, explaining his success in a new domain.

Family Life and Football

Manning reflects on balancing his family life with his demanding football career. He speaks about the NFL’s travel schedule, which, unlike other sports, is relatively conducive to family time. This section offers a personal glimpse into Manning’s life beyond the field, emphasizing the importance of family involvement in his career.

Manning’s Approach to Commercials and Acting

 The conversation shifts to Manning’s approach to acting in commercials. His natural comedic timing and ability to laugh at himself are highlighted as key reasons for his success in this area. Manning’s transition from the rigor of football to the spontaneity of acting underscores his adaptability and charisma.

Peyton Manning on SmartLess: Unveiling the Secrets of Football and Personal Insights

In the final third of the “SmartLess” podcast episode featuring Peyton Manning, the conversation takes an even deeper dive into the technical aspects of football, Manning’s personal growth, and his reflections on family and career. Hosts Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes engage Manning in a series of questions that reveal the intricacies of football strategy and the personal side of being an NFL star.

The Complexity of Football Play-Calling

Manning’s detailed explanation of a football play in the huddle is a highlight of this section. He breaks down the terminology and strategic considerations in a play, illustrating the level of detail and quick thinking required in professional football. This insight gives listeners a rare glimpse into the quarterback’s mind during a game.

The Significance of “Omaha” in Manning’s Career

One of the most intriguing parts of the conversation is Manning’s explanation of the famous “Omaha” call. He clarifies that it was used to indicate a change in the play close to the snap. This discussion underscores the strategic depth and on-the-fly adjustments that are integral to football.

Balancing Family and Career

Manning reflects on balancing his professional career with family life. He talks about the advantages of the NFL’s travel schedule in maintaining family time and shares personal anecdotes about including his family in his career. This segment provides a more personal look at Manning, beyond his public persona as an athlete.

Transition from Athlete to Broadcaster

Manning discusses his transition from an NFL quarterback to a television personality, emphasizing the importance of not taking himself too seriously and being coachable. He shares insights into his foray into commercials and television, highlighting his adaptability and sense of humor.

Legacy and Learning from His Father

Manning attributes much of his off-field success to the lessons learned from his father, Archie Manning. He discusses the importance of preparation and the role it has played in his life, both on and off the field.


The final third of the “SmartLess” podcast with Peyton Manning delves into the heart of football strategy and Manning’s personal journey. His insights into the complexities of play-calling, his approach to life after football, and the balance between professional and personal responsibilities offer valuable lessons not just for sports fans, but for anyone striving for excellence in their field.