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Jon Hamm

Jonathan Daniel "Jon" Hamm, born March 10, 1971, in St. Louis, Missouri, is an acclaimed American actor and producer renowned for his versatility in both television and film. Hamm skyrocketed to fame with his iconic role as Don Draper in the critically acclaimed TV series "Mad Men," for which he won a Golden Globe Award and received eight Emmy nominations. His portrayal of the complex, enigmatic ad executive defined a generation of television drama. Hamm's career encompasses a broad range of roles, showcasing his ability to seamlessly transition between drama and comedy. Notable film credits include "The Town," "Baby Driver," and "Bridesmaids." He also made memorable guest appearances on TV shows like "30 Rock" and "Black Mirror." Hamm, a University of Missouri graduate, began his acting career in theater. His early struggles in Hollywood, including working as a set dresser, shaped his resilient character. Beyond acting, Hamm is known for his charity work and involvement in sports, particularly baseball. His personal life and battle with alcoholism, which he publicly addressed and overcame, add depth to his public persona, making him a relatable and respected figure in the entertainment industry.

The Engaging Banter of “SmartLess” with Jon Hamm

“SmartLess,” a podcast renowned for its witty and relaxed conversations, recently hosted Jon Hamm, celebrated for his versatile acting career. The episode, featuring hosts Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett, delves into a range of topics, from nostalgic music references to personal anecdotes, showcasing the hosts’ chemistry and Hamm’s charismatic presence.

Nostalgic Beginnings and Light-hearted Anecdotes

The podcast kicks off with Jon Hamm reminiscing about his early experiences with jazz music, setting a tone of nostalgia. This leads to Jason Bateman sharing a heartwarming story of young love and a trip back to Chicago, effectively intertwining personal life experiences with humor.

Musical Interludes and Casual Conversations

As the conversation progresses, the group lightly touches on musical trivia, discussing bands like Yaz, Erasure, and Depeche Mode. This segment not only showcases their varied interests but also keeps the conversation engaging and relatable for the audience.

Childhood Memories and Light-hearted Teasing

The episode takes a humorous turn as the hosts share childhood memories, including mischievous antics and the consequent punishments. This segment is particularly noteworthy for its ability to blend humor with a peek into the hosts’ backgrounds, making the podcast feel like a conversation among friends.

Introducing Jon Hamm: A Versatile Talent

Jon Hamm’s introduction is marked by accolades and achievements, highlighting his success in both comedy and drama. His return to his high school to teach acting, his love for golf, and his charm are all discussed, painting a picture of a multi-talented individual who is as relatable as he is accomplished.

Diving into Hamm’s Career and Interests

As the conversation shifts to Jon Hamm’s professional life, the hosts explore his interests and career milestones. From his beginnings in teaching to his transition to acting in Los Angeles, the discussion provides insight into Hamm’s journey and his perspective on acting and teaching.

Jon Hamm’s Insightful Reflections on “SmartLess”

In the second segment of the “SmartLess” podcast, hosts Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett continue their engaging conversation with Jon Hamm. This part of the episode delves deeper into Hamm’s personal experiences, his career, and his reflections on the entertainment industry.

A Journey from Teaching to Stardom

Jon Hamm shares his transition from teaching to pursuing acting in Los Angeles. His humble beginnings as a teacher and his move to LA in 1995 are discussed in detail. This segment provides a unique insight into the determination and resilience required to make it in the entertainment industry.

The Struggles and Triumphs of Jon Hamm

Hamm candidly discusses the challenges he faced before landing his iconic role in “Mad Men.” He talks about being fired from a pilot and facing multiple rejections, highlighting the unpredictability and hardships of the acting profession. This part of the interview is particularly inspiring, showing how perseverance can eventually lead to success.

The “Mad Men” Phenomenon

The conversation shifts to Hamm’s role in “Mad Men,” a show that redefined television. The hosts and Hamm explore how the series impacted his career and the television landscape. This part of the podcast provides a deeper understanding of Hamm’s acting approach and the significance of “Mad Men” in modern TV history.

Jon Hamm’s Versatility and Future Projects

The discussion also touches on Hamm’s versatility as an actor, his choice of roles post-“Mad Men,” and his approach to selecting projects. He shares insights into his upcoming roles and projects, including his excitement about the sequel to “Top Gun.”

Personal Anecdotes and Lighthearted Banter

Interspersed with these insightful discussions are personal stories and humorous banter, maintaining the episode’s engaging and relaxed atmosphere. The hosts share their own experiences and engage with Hamm in a way that highlights their camaraderie and respect for each other.

Jon Hamm’s Candid Revelations on “SmartLess”

In the final segment of the “SmartLess” podcast, Jon Hamm, alongside hosts Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett, delves into more profound discussions about life, career, and personal experiences. This portion of the episode reveals Hamm’s reflections on fame, his approach to selecting roles, and his personal life, providing a well-rounded view of the actor.

Reflecting on the Role of Fame and Career Choices

Jon Hamm opens up about his perspective on fame, particularly after “Mad Men.” He discusses the importance of being selective in choosing roles post-fame and the challenges of navigating Hollywood’s typecasting tendencies. Hamm’s thoughtful approach to his career, favoring diverse and interesting roles over repetitive ones, illustrates his dedication to his craft.

Insights into ‘Top Gun’ Sequel and Future Projects

Hamm expresses excitement about his role in the highly anticipated sequel to “Top Gun.” His involvement in such a significant project highlights his versatility as an actor and his ability to engage in different genres. The discussion about his upcoming projects offers listeners a glimpse into Hamm’s future endeavors.

Personal Life and Future Plans

The conversation shifts to Hamm’s personal life, including plans for his 50th birthday and travels. These details provide a more intimate look at Hamm’s life outside of acting, painting a picture of a well-rounded individual with diverse interests.

The Impact of “Mad Men” and Hamm’s Acting Philosophy

The hosts and Hamm reflect on the cultural impact of “Mad Men” and Hamm’s influential role in it. Hamm shares his thoughts on the responsibilities of fame, the importance of preparation in acting, and his experiences in the industry. This part of the podcast is particularly insightful, as it offers advice and reflections beneficial to both fans and aspiring actors.

Light-hearted Banter and Closing Thoughts

Throughout the episode, the hosts and Hamm engage in light-hearted banter, sharing jokes and amusing anecdotes. This relaxed atmosphere contributes to the podcast’s appeal, making it both informative and entertaining.


The final third of the “SmartLess” podcast with Jon Hamm is a compelling mix of deep reflections, career insights, and personal stories. Hamm’s candidness about his experiences in Hollywood, his approach to fame, and his upcoming projects, combined with the hosts’ engaging conversation style, makes for a captivating listen.