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Jimmy Kimmel is a renowned American television host, comedian, writer, and producer born on November 13, 1967, in Brooklyn, New York. Best known for hosting the late-night talk show "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" since 2003, he has become a staple in American households with his charismatic personality and comedic timing. Before his late-night fame, Kimmel co-hosted "The Man Show" and was the comedic voice behind "Crank Yankers." His career began in radio before transitioning to television, showcasing his wide range of talents from writing to performing. Kimmel has hosted the Oscars twice and is known for his heartfelt monologues and viral segments like "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets." Beyond entertainment, he's an advocate for healthcare issues, inspired by his son's medical journey. Kimmel's relatable humor and everyman persona have made him one of the most beloved figures in American television.

SmartLess Podcast Article: Jimmy Kimmel Live in Los Angeles

Jimmy Kimmel’s appearance on the SmartLess Podcast with hosts Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes delivers an electrifying combination of humor and insight. This article delves into the first third of the transcript, capturing the essence of the live event held in Los Angeles, revealing behind-the-scenes banter, and the unique chemistry among the hosts and their guest.

Quick Games and Warm Welcomes

The transcript opens with a playful and somewhat chaotic game, “quick quick,” where the hosts rapidly fire questions at each other, leading to humorous and disjointed responses. This sets the tone for an episode filled with laughter and spontaneity. The hosts then transition into welcoming the audience to their final show of the tour, reflecting on their nationwide journey with heartfelt thanks and a touch of humor.

Journey Across the Nation

Jason Bateman shares the trio’s experiences traveling from Washington D.C. to various cities, including Boston, New York, and Chicago. A special mention goes to Tracy, Sean Hayes’s sister, whose appearance apparently received a warmer reception than the hosts themselves. This recounting paints a picture of their adventures and the bond they share with their audience and each other.

Sean Hayes’s Anecdotes

Sean Hayes shares personal stories, ranging from humorous misunderstandings with his neighbors to awkward encounters with celebrities. These tales provide a glimpse into the life of the star outside the podcast, filled with relatable mishaps and endearing moments.

The Arrival of Jimmy Kimmel

As Jimmy Kimmel is introduced, the atmosphere electrifies. His rapport with the hosts is immediate and genuine, reflecting years of friendship and shared experiences in the entertainment industry. Kimmel’s presence adds a new layer of comedy and camaraderie, as he effortlessly joins in with the hosts’ banter.

Reflections and Revelations

The conversation shifts to reflections on their tour and the podcast’s success. They discuss the surreal nature of their popularity and the unpredictability of their show’s format. Kimmel, with his usual wit, participates in this introspection, providing an outsider’s perspective on the charm and appeal of the SmartLess podcast.

Engaging Conversations and Humorous Misunderstandings

In the second third of the SmartLess Podcast transcript featuring Jimmy Kimmel, the conversation continues to revolve around light-hearted banter, personal anecdotes, and some insightful moments into the lives of the hosts and their guest. The hosts, Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes, delve deeper into their personal experiences, sharing stories that range from the humorous to the slightly embarrassing.

Sean Hayes’s Face Blindness Anecdotes

Sean Hayes shares a series of amusing incidents highlighting his struggles with face blindness. From mistaking his neighbor for a stranger to confusing Tracy Lords with Rebecca De Mornay on the set of “Will and Grace,” his stories bring a sense of relatability and humor to the podcast. These anecdotes reveal the more personal and vulnerable side of celebrities, adding depth to the light-hearted nature of the podcast.

Reflections on the Tour and Podcast Success

The hosts reflect on their nationwide tour and the surreal nature of their podcast’s success. They discuss the unpredictability of the show’s format and the genuine surprise at the audience’s engagement. This introspection provides listeners with a behind-the-scenes look at the dynamics of the podcast and the hosts’ perspectives on their journey.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Arrival and Dynamic

Jimmy Kimmel’s presence adds a new layer of entertainment as he seamlessly joins the hosts’ banter. They discuss various topics, from their nationwide tour experiences to personal stories and the evolution of their careers. Kimmel’s humor and camaraderie with the hosts enhance the episode, making it a memorable one for listeners.

Deeper Insights into Personal Lives

As the conversation progresses, the hosts and Kimmel share deeper insights into their lives. They discuss everything from their personal health concerns and experiences with hospitals to their relationships and past experiences in the entertainment industry. These revelations add a layer of authenticity and relatability to the podcast, allowing listeners to connect with the hosts and guest on a more personal level.

Wrapping Up the Tour with Laughter and Reflections

In the final third of the SmartLess Podcast episode featuring Jimmy Kimmel, the laughter and deep conversations continue. The hosts and their esteemed guest wrap up their tour in Los Angeles, sharing more personal stories, engaging in humorous banter, and reflecting on the journey they’ve embarked upon together.

Personal Stories and Shared Experiences

Sean Hayes delves into more personal anecdotes, including a hilarious mix-up at a premiere and his frequent trips to the ER, earning him the playful nickname “Paddles.” These stories bring a sense of vulnerability and humor, showing the human side of the hosts and their guest.

Insightful Reflections and Future Plans

The conversation shifts to deeper topics, including the hosts’ reflections on the tour’s success and the unpredictable nature of the podcast. They share their astonishment at the audience’s engagement and discuss the future, with Jimmy Kimmel hinting at his own show’s longevity and the possibility of guest-hosting roles.

The Dynamic Between the Hosts and Jimmy Kimmel

Throughout the episode, the chemistry between Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Sean Hayes, and Jimmy Kimmel is evident. Their friendship and mutual respect add a layer of authenticity to the podcast, making it not just an interview but a gathering of friends sharing their lives and laughs.

Closing Remarks and Final Thoughts

As the episode concludes, the hosts express their gratitude to the audience and to each other. They highlight the importance of the podcast in their lives and the joy it brings to both them and their listeners. The final moments are filled with thanks, goodbyes, and a sense of accomplishment for a tour well done.


The final part of the SmartLess Podcast with Jimmy Kimmel encapsulates the essence of the series – genuine conversations, uncontrollable laughter, and a deep connection between the hosts and their guest. This article has covered the humorous, the heartfelt, and the utterly human moments that make the SmartLess Podcast a beloved listen for so many.