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Clayton Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw is a renowned professional baseball pitcher, born on March 19, 1988, in Dallas, Texas. Known for his precision and powerful left arm, Kershaw has become one of the most dominant pitchers in Major League Baseball (MLB). He made his MLB debut with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2008 and quickly became the cornerstone of their pitching staff. Over the years, Kershaw has earned numerous accolades, including multiple Cy Young Awards, indicative of the best pitcher in the league, and an MVP award. He is particularly known for his devastating curveball and impressive strikeout records. Off the field, Kershaw is also respected for his philanthropy, notably with his charity, Kershaw's Challenge, which aims to empower people and transform communities. His commitment to excellence and community makes him a respected figure in and out of baseball.

Unveiling the Magic of Smartless: A Glimpse into Clayton Kershaw’s World

The “Smartless” podcast episode featuring Clayton Kershaw begins with lighthearted banter among the hosts, Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes. They delve into topics ranging from personal grooming to reminiscing about past experiences with fellow actors and friends. The conversation sets a relaxed and humorous tone, showcasing the hosts’ camaraderie and wit.

Clayton Kershaw: A Baseball Phenomenon

As the discussion shifts to the guest of honor, Clayton Kershaw’s impressive baseball career is laid out. Kershaw, an eight-time All-Star and three-time National League Cy Young Award winner, is praised for his extraordinary achievements on the field. His 2.4 career earned run average and 1.01 walks per hits per innings pitched highlight his dominance in the sport.

Personal Insights and Fun Anecdotes

Kershaw shares his personal side, discussing family life and his routine-oriented nature. He reflects on his journey from a high school player to a major league sensation, emphasizing the fast-paced and surreal nature of his rise. The hosts and Kershaw exchange stories and jokes, revealing the lighter side of life as a professional athlete.

The Impact Beyond Baseball

The conversation takes a meaningful turn as Kershaw talks about his charitable efforts, particularly in Africa and his hometowns of Los Angeles and Dallas. He details the initiatives he’s involved in, demonstrating his commitment to making a positive impact off the field.

Humorous Moments and Thoughts

The episode is peppered with humorous anecdotes, from discussions about fantasy football to the peculiarities of baseball uniforms. Kershaw’s down-to-earth demeanor and the hosts’ playful interrogation create an engaging and entertaining dialogue.

Clayton Kershaw: More Than a Pitcher – Inside “Smartless” Conversations

In the second third of the “Smartless” podcast, the conversation with Clayton Kershaw dives deeper into his personal life and beyond. Kershaw discusses his routine-oriented nature and how it shapes his life on and off the field. The hosts delve into his relationship with other sports and athletes, showcasing Kershaw’s well-rounded interest in the athletic world, not just baseball.

Charitable Efforts and Global Impact

A significant portion of the dialogue highlights Kershaw’s charitable initiatives. He shares his commitment to helping communities in Africa and his hometowns of Los Angeles and Dallas. His stories of involvement with various nonprofits, including his efforts in Zambia and with the International Justice Mission in the Dominican Republic, illuminate the breadth of his impact beyond baseball.

Clubhouse Dynamics and Future Aspirations

Kershaw offers a glimpse into the lighter side of baseball life, discussing clubhouse dynamics and the pranks that come with team camaraderie. The conversation shifts to his potential post-baseball career aspirations. He expresses interest in staying connected to the sport, possibly through a “special assistant” role, emphasizing his ongoing passion for baseball.

Personal Anecdotes and Humor

Throughout the episode, personal anecdotes and humor play a significant role. Whether it’s discussing fantasy football, the peculiarities of being left-handed, or the unique challenges and joys of fatherhood, Kershaw and the hosts maintain an engaging and entertaining narrative.

Clayton Kershaw: A Deeper Dive into Life Beyond Baseball

In the final third of the “Smartless” podcast episode, Clayton Kershaw shares insights into balancing his intense baseball career with family life. He talks about the joy and challenges of parenting, revealing how his children and wife are integral parts of his life. Kershaw’s dedication to his family offers a relatable aspect to his otherwise extraordinary life.

The Essence of Team Spirit

The discussion touches on the dynamics within the Dodgers’ clubhouse, highlighting the camaraderie and occasional pranks that lighten the mood. Kershaw reveals the lighter side of being part of a team, sharing anecdotes and insights into the relationships that form among teammates.

Commitment to Philanthropy

Kershaw reiterates his commitment to philanthropy, discussing ongoing projects in Dallas, Los Angeles, Zambia, and the Dominican Republic. His stories underscore the importance he places on giving back and using his platform to make a difference in the lives of others.

Life After Baseball

The hosts probe Kershaw about his plans post-retirement. He expresses a desire to remain connected to baseball, possibly in a “special assistant” role, allowing him to continue contributing to the sport he loves without the constant travel. This peek into his future plans reveals Kershaw’s enduring passion for baseball.

Humor and Humanity

Throughout the episode, humor remains a key element, with playful banter and light-hearted stories. The hosts and Kershaw share laughs, bringing a sense of humanity and relatability to the superstar athlete.


The final third of the “Smartless” podcast with Clayton Kershaw offers a comprehensive look at the man behind the legendary pitcher. From his family life and team interactions to his philanthropic efforts and future aspirations, Kershaw demonstrates depth, humor, and a profound commitment to his community. This episode not only entertains but also inspires, showing that even those at the pinnacle of success have relatable stories and dreams.