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Brendan Fraser

Brendan Fraser, born on December 3, 1968, in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a renowned American-Canadian actor known for his versatility and charismatic on-screen presence. Raised in a family with a background in Canadian foreign service, Fraser lived in various countries, contributing to his rich, diverse experiences. He found his calling in acting and attended the Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. Fraser's breakout role came in the 1992 comedy "Encino Man," but it was the 1997 film "George of the Jungle" that cemented his status as a leading man. He achieved further acclaim with his role in "The Mummy" series, showcasing his ability to blend action with humor. Despite facing career setbacks and personal challenges, including health issues, Fraser persevered. His performance in 2021's "No Sudden Move" marked a significant comeback, reestablishing him as a dynamic force in Hollywood.

Brendan Fraser on SmartLess Podcast: A Riveting Conversation

The SmartLess podcast, hosted by the trio Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes, recently welcomed Brendan Fraser, a well-known actor with a rich career in Hollywood. This article covers the first part of their engaging conversation.

Early Banter and Brendan’s Arrival

The podcast kicks off with light-hearted banter among the hosts, discussing various topics like quirky medical videos and personal anecdotes. As they transition to introducing their guest, they highlight Brendan Fraser’s Canadian heritage and his diverse acting career, spanning comedic and dramatic roles.

Brendan Fraser’s Acting Journey

Fraser shares insights into his early acting days, discussing his first two significant films, “School Ties” and “Encino Man,” which marked his entry into Hollywood. He reflects on the transition from being a new actor to gaining recognition and the diverse choices he made in his career.

The Shift in Hollywood and Fraser’s Perspective

Fraser talks about the evolution of Hollywood, especially with the advent of digital technologies. He emphasizes the importance of storytelling in cinema, regardless of technological advancements.

Personal Life and Family

Fraser opens up about his family, sharing details about his children, including his special needs son. He candidly discusses the challenges and joys of fatherhood, adding a personal touch to the conversation.

Looking Forward: Fraser’s Aspirations and Views on the Industry

Brendan Fraser expresses his desire to continue working in feature films, showing a particular interest in participating in large-scale, mass-appeal projects. He also shares his thoughts on the changing dynamics of the entertainment industry and his commitment to acting.

Brendan Fraser’s Acting Philosophy and Industry Insights

Continuing the conversation, Brendan Fraser delves deeper into his acting career. He discusses the importance of storytelling in film, emphasizing that while technology advances, the heart of cinema remains in its narrative. Fraser reflects on his diverse career choices, both in comedy and drama, which have defined his versatility as an actor.

The Evolution of Hollywood

Fraser offers a unique perspective on how Hollywood has evolved over the years, particularly with the digital revolution. He recalls his experiences working on pioneering 3D films and how these technological advancements have changed the filmmaking landscape.

Personal Anecdotes and Family Life

Fraser shares more personal stories, including anecdotes about his children. He speaks candidly about his special needs son and the impact of fatherhood on his life and career. These intimate details add a personal dimension to his professional achievements.

Future Aspirations and Views on Current Cinema

Looking ahead, Fraser expresses his desire to continue working in feature films and shows interest in participating in large-scale projects. He discusses the current state of the entertainment industry and his passion for acting in projects that balance mass appeal with meaningful storytelling.

Reflecting on Past Successes and the Concept of ‘Comeback’

The conversation shifts to a reflection on Fraser’s earlier successes and the notion of a ‘comeback’ in Hollywood. He talks about the cyclical nature of the industry and how actors’ relevance can fluctuate over time.

Brendan Fraser’s Reflections and Future Aspirations

In the final part of their conversation, Brendan Fraser continues to reflect on his career and personal life. He shares his perspective on the evolution of Hollywood, particularly the shift from analog to digital, emphasizing the importance of storytelling amidst technological advancements.

Insights into His Roles and Acting Choices

Fraser discusses his diverse acting roles, including his experience in the film “The Whale.” He describes the challenges of portraying a character with serious mobility issues, shedding light on the extensive makeup process and his preparation for the role.

The Concept of ‘Comeback’ and Staying Relevant

Addressing the idea of a ‘comeback’ in Hollywood, Fraser candidly speaks about the cyclical nature of the industry and how actors’ relevance can fluctuate. He expresses his desire to continue working in feature films, showing a keen interest in participating in large-scale projects that balance mass appeal with meaningful storytelling.

Balancing Family and Career

Fraser opens up about his family life, including his special needs son and his other children’s creative pursuits. He discusses the balance between his professional achievements and his role as a father, adding depth to his persona beyond the screen.

Brendan’s Views on the Current State of Cinema

Fraser offers his thoughts on the current entertainment landscape, highlighting the importance of engaging storytelling in cinema. He also reminisces about his past successes, expressing interest in revisiting big franchise pieces like “The Mummy.”


This segment concludes Brendan Fraser’s engaging and heartfelt conversation on the SmartLess podcast. His reflections on his career trajectory, personal anecdotes, and future aspirations offer a comprehensive view of an actor who has navigated the highs and lows of Hollywood with resilience and a deep passion for his craft.