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Al Michaels

Al Michaels is a renowned American sportscaster, best known for his many years of calling play-by-play for National Football League games, including nearly two decades with "Monday Night Football." Born on November 12, 1944, in Brooklyn, New York, Michaels' broadcasting career spans over five decades, commencing in the 1960s. He gained widespread acclaim for his coverage of the 1980 Winter Olympics hockey game between the USA and USSR, famously known as the "Miracle on Ice," where his call, "Do you believe in miracles? Yes!" became iconic. Michaels has covered a wide range of sports, from football to baseball, including several World Series and other major events like the Super Bowl. His distinctive voice, deep knowledge of sports, and ability to capture the drama of the moment have made him a beloved figure among sports fans. His awards include multiple Emmy Awards for Outstanding Sports Personality - Play-by-Play. Michaels' longevity and excellence in sports broadcasting have solidified his status as one of the most respected and iconic figures in the field.

SmartLess Podcast Episode Featuring Al Michaels: An Insightful Discussion

In a recent episode of the SmartLess podcast, hosts Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes welcomed legendary sportscaster Al Michaels. The episode offered a deep dive into Michaels’ illustrious career, his personal experiences, and the art of sports broadcasting.

Early Days and Career Beginnings

The conversation began with a light-hearted exchange about the weather in Southern California and quickly transitioned into Michaels’ early life and career. Born in Brooklyn, Michaels grew up within walking distance of the Brooklyn Dodgers’ Ebbets Field, which ignited his passion for sports. His broadcasting career started unexpectedly early during his college days at Arizona State University, where he began calling games for various sports.

Journey to the Big Leagues

Michaels’ first professional job was in Hawaii, calling minor league baseball in 1968. He shared humorous anecdotes about his time there, including interactions with iconic figures like Tommy Lasorda. His big break came when he was hired as the lead announcer for the Cincinnati Reds, propelling him into the national spotlight.

Iconic Moments and Partnerships

Throughout his career, Michaels has been part of some of sports’ most memorable moments, including the “Miracle on Ice” at the 1980 Winter Olympics. He reflected on his various broadcasting partners, highlighting the likes of Ken Dryden, Jim Palmer, and John Madden. His storytelling prowess shone through as he recounted experiences with these figures, blending humor and insight seamlessly.

The Art of Broadcasting

Michaels discussed the nuances of sports broadcasting, emphasizing the importance of understanding the audience and the rhythm of different sports. He stressed the value of concise commentary, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the game without overwhelming narration.

Personal Preferences and Quirks

The hosts delved into Michaels’ personal life, uncovering his dislike for vegetables and his preference for simple foods like hot dogs and steaks. This part of the conversation showcased his down-to-earth personality and relatable quirks.

Reflections on the Industry

The episode concluded with Michaels sharing his views on the evolution of sports broadcasting, the impact of legalized gambling on sports, and his thoughts on the controversial figure Pete Rose. His insights provided a unique perspective on current trends and historical controversies in sports.

SmartLess Podcast with Al Michaels: A Deep Dive into His Career and Perspectives

The second part of the SmartLess podcast episode with Al Michaels, hosted by Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes, delves deeper into Michaels’ journey and perspectives on various aspects of sports broadcasting and personal anecdotes.

From Humble Beginnings to Broadcasting Luminary

Michaels detailed his start in broadcasting, recounting his early experiences at Arizona State University and his first professional job in Hawaii. This transition to calling games for the Cincinnati Reds marked a significant leap in his career. Michaels shared amusing and insightful stories about his interactions with sports legends and his rapid ascent in the broadcasting world.

Inside the World of Sports Broadcasting

The hosts explored Michaels’ approach to sports broadcasting, emphasizing his belief in concise commentary. Michaels expressed his preference for allowing the audience to engage with the game without overwhelming them with excessive narration. He also shared his dislike for vegetables, revealing a quirky side to his personality.

Reflecting on Industry Changes and Controversies

Michaels offered his thoughts on the evolution of sports broadcasting, the impact of legalized gambling on sports, and his perspective on controversial figures like Pete Rose. His insights provided listeners with a unique viewpoint on current trends and historical controversies in sports.

Personal Life and Quirks

In a lighter segment of the conversation, Michaels discussed his personal preferences, including his food choices and habits. He shared humorous anecdotes about his personal life, adding a relatable and down-to-earth dimension to his character.

The Art of Storytelling in Broadcasting

Michaels elaborated on the art of storytelling in broadcasting, highlighting his experiences with various sports and the challenges each presents. He stressed the importance of understanding the sport, its rhythm, and the audience to deliver engaging and insightful commentary.

SmartLess Podcast Featuring Al Michaels: Final Insights and Entertaining Anecdotes

In the final segment of the SmartLess podcast episode featuring Al Michaels, hosts Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes engaged in a more personal and humorous discussion with the legendary sportscaster. Michaels shared his journey from Brooklyn to the broadcasting big leagues, including his early days in Hawaii and his big break with the Cincinnati Reds.

The Art of Sports Broadcasting

Michaels explained the challenges and nuances of sports broadcasting across different sports. He emphasized the complexity of hockey commentary due to rapid possession changes and the importance of being concise and allowing the audience to absorb the game without overwhelming commentary.

Personal Preferences and Humorous Anecdotes

The hosts explored Michaels’ personal life, including his food preferences (notably his aversion to vegetables) and his fondness for simple foods. Michaels’ humorous anecdotes and down-to-earth nature shone through, making for an engaging and entertaining discussion.

Views on Industry Evolution

Michaels discussed the evolution of sports broadcasting and the impact of legalized gambling on sports. He also shared his perspective on Pete Rose, providing a unique viewpoint on current trends and historical controversies in sports.

Reflections on Career Partnerships and Memorable Moments

Michaels reflected on his various broadcasting partners over the years, highlighting figures like Ken Dryden, Jim Palmer, John Madden, and Chris Collinsworth. He shared memorable moments and the art of storytelling in broadcasting, emphasizing the importance of understanding the sport, its rhythm, and the audience.


The final third of the SmartLess podcast with Al Michaels offered a deeper insight into his career, his approach to sports broadcasting, and his personal life. His stories, humor, and insights provided an engaging and informative experience, solidifying his status as a legendary sportscaster.