Topics Discussed: First program, AlphaGo, Rule of the game of Go, Reinforcement learning: personal journey, What is reinforcement learning?, AlphaGo (continued), Supervised learning and self play in AlphaGo, Lee Sedol retirement from Go play, Garry Kasparov, Alpha Zero and self play, Creativity in AlphaZero, AlphaZero applications, Reward functions, Meaning of life.

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David Silver

David Silver is a British computer scientist and businessman who leads the reinforcement learning research group at DeepMind and was lead researcher on AlphaGo, AlphaZero and co-lead on AlphaStar.

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Reflections on Canadian Politics and the Pandemic

Lex Fridman engages in a discussion that delves deep into the political landscape of Canada, with an emphasis on recent events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. The conversation touches upon the country's response to the virus, the efficacy of mandates, and the broader implications on Canadian society.

Pandemic Mandates and Global Responses

The discussion highlights the global response to the pandemic, noting how various countries have adapted and changed their strategies over time. Drawing comparisons between Canada and nations like Denmark, England, and Sweden, the dialogue offers insights into the effectiveness of different approaches and the challenges faced by governments worldwide.

Implications for Canadian Society

Amid the health crisis, the conversation underscores the societal implications in Canada, from political decisions to public sentiment. The use of mandates, public perception, and the balance between public safety and individual rights form crucial components of the discussion.

Looking Ahead: Challenges and Opportunities

As the dialogue progresses, there's a forward-looking perspective on the challenges and opportunities that await Canada. The conversation delves into the potential paths the country might take as it navigates the complexities of the post-pandemic world.