Lex Fridman Podcast #392 – Joscha Bach

August 1st, 2023

About the Guest

#392 - Joscha Bach

Joscha Bach, Ph.D., is a renowned cognitive scientist and AI researcher, recognized for his profound contributions to artificial general intelligence (AGI) and cognitive architectures. With a deep focus on understanding the mind’s computational basis, Dr. Bach’s research bridges artificial intelligence, neuroscience, and philosophy. He has authored key publications, developed innovative AI models, and is a sought-after speaker at international conferences. As a thought leader in AI ethics and human-like intelligence, Joscha Bach’s work is pivotal in shaping the future of intelligent systems. His interdisciplinary approach offers valuable insights into machine learning, cognitive psychology, and the potential of AI to emulate human reasoning. Leveraging his expertise, businesses and scholars alike find inspiration and guidance in AI’s transformative role in society. Dr. Bach’s research continues to drive the AI frontier, positioning him as an influential figure in the tech world.

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Episode Summary

In episode #392 of the Lex Fridman Podcast, Joscha Bach delves into profound philosophical and scientific discussions on life, intelligence, consciousness, AI, and the future of humans. The conversation opens with an exploration of the “longest possible game” one could play, using cancer as a metaphor for short-term thinking versus long-term strategies. Bach’s thoughts on building agents to play the “longest possible games” reflect his broader perspective on intelligence and entropy.

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