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Bert Kreischer

Bert Kreischer, stand-up comedian and television host, is famous for his raucous storytelling and infectious laughter. Known as "The Machine", Kreischer's humorous tales of wild life experiences have become legendary. With several hit comedy specials on Netflix, including "Secret Time" and "Hey Big Boy", his candid, unfiltered humor resonates with audiences worldwide. Beyond stand-up, he hosts the popular "Bertcast" podcast, and stars in the reality cooking show "Something’s Burning". Bert's charismatic personality and unique comedy style also shine in his travel series "Bert the Conqueror" and "The Cabin with Bert Kreischer". As an author, his memoir "Life of the Party" offers fans a deeper look into his life. Bert Kreischer continues to enthrall audiences with his irreverent humor, lovable persona, and boundless energy.

Books Mentioned in Lex Fridman Podcast #382 - Bert Kreischer & Lex Fridman

Book Title: Life Of The Party: Stories of a Perpetual Man-Child

Author: Bert Kreischer

Bert Kreischer: Humor, Hemingway, and The Machine's Journey

Engage in a delightful conversation with Bert Kreischer, a stand-up comedy sensation often dubbed as 'The Machine'. From humorous anecdotes about Winston Churchill's eccentric routines to reflections on Ernest Hemingway's profound words on writing, the dialogue is a roller-coaster of emotions and laughter.

Winston Churchill's Eccentricities

Dive deep into Winston Churchill's unique daily routine, marked by breakfast in bed, soft scotch, and champagne-infused baths. Bert's animated recounting of Churchill's day paints a vivid picture of the iconic leader's zest for life.

A Nod to Ernest Hemingway

Bert's admiration for Ernest Hemingway shines through as he discusses the legendary writer's perspective on the art of writing. Hemingway's quote, 'There's nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed,' sparks a deeper conversation about creativity and passion.

Introduction to 'The Machine'

The dialogue offers a glimpse into Bert's diverse projects, including his popular podcast 'Bertcast', the show 'Two Bears, One Cave', his cooking escapades in 'Something is Burning', and the much-anticipated movie about 'The Machine'.