Topics Discussed in Lex Fridman Podcast #336 – Lex Fridman & Ben Shapiro: Kanye ‘Ye’ West, Hitler and the nature of evil, Political attacks on the left and the right, Quebec mosque shooting, Elon Musk buying Twitter, Trump and Biden, Hunter Biden’s laptop, Candace Owens, War in Ukraine, Rhetoric vs truth, Infamous BBC interview, Day in the life, Abortion, Climate change, God and faith, Tribalism, Advice for young people, Andrew Breitbart, Self-doubt, Love.

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Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro is an American conservative political commentator, media host, columnist and author. At age 17, he became the youngest nationally syndicated columnist in the United States. Shapiro writes columns for Creators Syndicate, Newsweek, and Ami Magazine, and serves as editor emeritus for The Daily Wire, which he founded. Shapiro is the host of The Ben Shapiro Show, a daily political podcast and live radio show.

Books Mentioned or Recommended in this Podcast with Lex Fridman & Ben Shapiro:

Book Title: The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self

Author: Carl R. Trueman

Book Title: Economics in One Lesson – The Shortest & Surest Way to Understand Basic Economics

Author: Henry Hazlitt

Book Title: The Federalist Papers

Author: Hamilton, Madison, Jay

Book Title: The Authoritarian Moment – How the Left Weaponized America’s Institutions Against Dissent

Author: Ben Shapiro

Book Title: The Right Side of History – How Reason and Moral Purpose Made the West Great

Author: Ben Shapiro

Book Title: Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings

Author: Ben Shapiro

Book Title: Basic Economics – A Common Sense Guide to the Economy

Author: Thomas Sowell

Book Title: The New Tsar – The Rise and Reign of Vladimir Putin

Author: Steven Lee Myers

Book Title: The Strongman – Vladimir Putin and the Struggle for Russia

Author: Angus Roxburgh

Book Title: The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich – A History of Nazi Germany

Author: William L. Shirer

Book Title: How to Debate Leftists and Destroy Them

Author: Ben Shapiro