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Dan Kokotov

Dan Kokotov is VP of Engineering at, an automatic speech recognition company.

Books Mentioned in this Podcast with Dan Kokotov:

Dan Kokotov: Engineering the Future of Speech-to-Text with

Lex Fridman sits down with Dan Kokotov, the VP of Engineering at, to explore the intricacies of cutting-edge speech-to-text AI engines. As they delve into the world of transcription and captioning, the conversation highlights the transformative power of Rev's technology and its applications in the real world. Leading the Speech-to-Text Revolution stands out as a beacon in the realm of speech-to-text solutions. With a perfect blend of human expertise and AI capabilities, the platform offers unparalleled accuracy in transcription and captioning, making it a favorite choice for professionals across various industries.

The Technicalities: Behind the Scenes at

Kokotov shares insights into the technological underpinnings of, from its advanced AI algorithms to the challenges faced in ensuring accurate transcriptions. The discussion underscores the innovations and relentless pursuit of perfection that drive the team at

A Broader Perspective: The Future of AI in Transcription

The conversation takes a futuristic turn as Fridman and Kokotov ponder the potential of AI in reshaping the transcription landscape. They reflect on the opportunities, challenges, and the road ahead for companies like Rev in this dynamic domain.