Topics Discussed: Loneliness, Can AI alleviate loneliness?, Love, Russia in the 1990’s, Chernobyl, Communism, Losing a friend, Mortality, Replika origin story, Bringing people back to life with AI, Relationship with Replika, Can you form a connection with text alone?, Does an AI companion need a body?, Her, GPT-3 for conversation, We should be nice to AI, Book recommendations, Russian language, Meaning of life.

Eugenia Kudya

Eugenia Kuyda

Eugenia Kuyda is is the cofounder of Luka, an app that recommends restaurants and lets people to book tables through a chat interface powered by artificial intelligence. Recently it was relaunched as a number you could text to find and book a table in the Bay Area, Calif. Luka analyzes previous conversations to predict what you might like. Born in Moscow, Kudya was previously a columnist at one of Russia's biggest dalies and also founded Bribr, an app that could serruptitiously record someone if they were asking for a bribe.

Books Mentioned in this Podcast with Eugenia Kuyda: